Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So it seems Jude is getting on somewhat of a schedule, and I hope it stays rather consistent. Last night he was up from 9:30-11:30 just looking around, and between that time period he consumes anywhere between 6-8 ounces. He knows when we go to our room, he gets swaddled, and he lays in his bassinet it's night night time. He then sleeps until about 2:30am and eats 4 ounces, and then he gets up again at 5:30 and eats again. I have to get Em off to the bus by 6:50am, and then Jude eats about another 2 ounces around 7. Then Jude and I sleep in the morning as long as he will let me, and then we get up for the day. In other words.........when I go back to work I am going to be a tired mother! lol. He is a sweet little boy though and loves his mama very much! He was laying on me tonight just looking around at Mike and Em. Last night I had put him back down to go to sleep, and I heard him laugh out loud!!! He isn't smiling, or laughing normally yet but he did laugh out loud in his sleep IT WAS THE CUTEST THING EVER! He is holding his head up more than he has before, and he seems to be more alert. I can only pray that the issues we are watching for never present themselves. Oh yeah and so it seems chicken pox is going around at Em's school. She has had the vaccine so I wasn't that worried , but it seems she has about 15 spots on her that I thought were insect bites. Um it seems if you have had the vaccine you can still get a mild case of CP. We are hoping that Jude has my immunities still from birth, and breast milk and will not get this.
Ok, so let's talk about my work out at home today. I knew I wouldn't have time to walk tonight because Em has softball practice on Wed. Therefore, yours truly recorded some shows on fit Tv, and was all ready to begin working out today at home. As I readied myself in my living room I listened to the thin girl on tv tell me what I needed to do. We began with marching in a fast pace.........easy peasy! We then moved on to contorting our hands, arms, legs, butts, and hips in directions I never knew they could move. Keep in mind that I used to work out all the time prior to Jude so cardio issues are normally no problem for me. Moving in insane directions while punching, lunging, dancing, and shaking your hips all at the same time cannot be normal though. Although, I have never been that coordinated hence the reason I am a master stair climber and lift weights. I am the girl in any aerobics class where the other girls whisper to each other "now you know she was a runner, and was never a dancer...poor thing" either that or you just hear "awww look at her poor thing". Seriously, people feel sorry for me because I have NO coordination. In fact, I went dancing once in Dallas at a club and was rather impressed with my husbands dancing skills. Now I am not sure if that's because I suck so bad or if he truly a good dancer. So picture me sweating, my big boobs bouncing, and me trying to move my arms forward, my feet back, and my hips side to side. It's NOT a pretty site people!!!! I guess I worked up a sweat though.......mission accomplished. Now I am sitting on the couch typing with my glass of wine.....much needed after that nightmare!

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