Tuesday, October 21, 2008

There is no time.........

I feel like I am in an hourglass, and I am one of the sand pieces that is falling through it. That is the best reference I can give you for how fast my days fly now. I am not sure what all I have done today, but I still did not accomplish cleaning the house. I did take care of the baby, get the groceries done, some laundry, etc etc. I need to scrub some thrones, and get the rings out of the tubs!!!! I have Emily's party this weekend, and these people are going to wonder if I own a scrub brush...sigh! I am trying though.

Jude was up last night again .............. for quite awhile.................blank stare. I am pretty sure I will be running on wine, skim milk, and diet dr pepper when I go back to work...ha! So Em went to a friends house today while I went and grocery shopped. I am thrilled she has a little friend in the neighborhood, but when I came home they were not home.......sudden panic. Anyway, about 15 mins later Emily calls and thus the following conversation occurred.

Em: Mommy?
Me: Where are you?
Em: At the high school.
Me: Um ok
Em: Can I go to a concert here?
Me: (says nothing)
Em: Hello?
Me: Well you are already there aren't you?
Em: Yep
Me: sigh. Yes, and I am glad you are with friends, but you need to ask mommy before you go.
Em: Ok (all excited) THANK YOU!!!
Me: Em you haven't even eaten dinner
Em: It's ok, love ya, bye (quick).......dial tone...........

I guess I have a pre teen. Anyway, my aunt called and I told her what happened. I explained Addison called, and asked if Em could come and play. I told her she could, but that we had to run to Costco so it would have to be ok with her mom. I am beginning to understand after my conversation listed above that her mom probably didn't know the initial call had been made asking Em to come over she only knew that I was going to Costco.....lol. My aunt said "Well girl she probably thinks you are like most parents just wanting a break". So I am blogging, fixing dinner, and cleaning. I am determined to clean at least 1 bathroom.

Have a good night!!!!!

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Karen said...

Two things.
Don't worry so much about what everyone will think if you don't clean until you drop. They probably won't notice and the house will be a mess after the party anyway. Have some wine. :-)
My neighbor, every now and then, sends her kids over to ask if they can stay with me for 1-6 hours while their parents go do something or other. I don't mind at all and my kids love the company. I take them all to do whatever we have to do. I'm sure Em's friend's mom didn't mind either.
Enjoy your day!