Monday, October 6, 2008


Well I have decided that I have a huge issue with karma, because it seems she has an issue with me. This morning I was trying to sleep, but Jude had another agenda for me. So let me explain...Jude had been trying to poop since about 7am. He finally succeeded on his mission, and I got up to change him. I took him to his changing station, and waited a second to make sure he had finished. He tends to just poo in the morning, and then at night so I knew he would fill his diaper. So it was apparent to me that he has finished his private business, and I start to change his diaper. Right as I am removing the diaper from Jude's behind I hear a grunt and poo flies all over my robe because of the position he is in....... ( I am currently staring at you blinking)... oh it gets better people. So the poo then falls from my robe on the floor, and yes........I step in it. Oh I don't just step in it people .......... I don't realize I have stepped in it, and then track it on the carpet to the kitchen. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I spent an hour on the floor with carpet cleaner cursing karma. Oh and did I mention that not only did he fill his diaper, that I tracked poo to the kitchen, but he also peed on his onsie and needed changing? lol! I swear I never had this many poo issues with Emily. So Emily was sick today so she stayed home, and she was laughing so hard through her stuffy nose about the above scene that I thought she might hyperventilate. I then handed her sick butt a rag and she helped scrub (Now smiling at you confidently).
So I have a bunch to talk about again tonight, but I will try to limit some of my rambling. Jude has been a bit of a grumpy butt today, but I think it's just gas. He was wonderful with his dad while I took a bath ( of course), and after said bath I found Jude sleeping on his dads chest, which was very cute. Emily was a good little girl today for the most part. Although, after Mike and I finished our dinner (and Em hadn't she is a slow eater) I did find her muching on a cookie when she had not finished her fish. This created a conversation between Mike and I on our mothers. We were both loved, and spoiled .....but both our mothers knew how to discipline (B4 mine passed) if needed. I even knew the sound of the drawer where the wooden spoon was stored. and Mike said his mom would have thrown the cookies away. You have to grasp the concept of this because Mike is the baby of 7, and ADORED by his mom. I mean the woman still cooks him lunch....which is very cute. Yet when he was little she knew how to tell him no and for him to get a grip. All this also came about because Em was telling me I was "mean" for making her clean her room the night before. As my cousin says I am a bit of a softie which is true, but Em does have her chores and they have to be completed. Her dad and I have had conversations on whether chores are important or not. He thinks that extra curricular activities and school activities should come first. I believe that grades, and chores come before you get to do ANYTHING extra whether it be school clubs, or other clubs. That's just my opinion though. Her dad is very good to her though, and always supports me. So Em got preached too about how if she was "us" she would have been experiencing things differently....OH MY we are our mothers!
Next Something I don't blog in detail about except to say I miss being with Sarah. I like my boss, and I like my job, but there wasn't great preperation made for my maternity leave. Thus Sarah M has been left in a rather unfortunate predicament, and I truly feel for her. Also, we cannot seem to keep additional help in our office because ...........well we just cannot (long story). So people keep leaving, and Sarah reaps to worst of it. It's hard to grasp the full concept of everything she is having to do from emails, to phone calls, to new business, to agent emails, to replacement costs, mail, warning calls, etc etc etc. My cousin was filling in as much as possible, but she has a very full schedule with her family. Honestly, there is no way I could work with three kids so I am very impressed she filled in for awhile. So I was hoping that my boss might also see mine and Sarah M's true value, and raise her salary and pay my additional insurance cost from Jude. Sigh, I guess that's not going to happen though. I have a job though, and I am grateful for that.
As stated in prior emails my 1 year anniversary is coming up in the next few weekends. My cousin is keeping Jude so we can have a night alone. I set up the hotel she got us, and the breakfast the next morning. I thought I would also arrange meeting our friends out somewhere since I have not had time out with them in some time. Although, it seems my hubby has other plans and something up his sleeve which I think is VERY CUTE! I am normally the huge planner and not used to men taking charge. I had mentioned to him that I had done everything else, and was not planning dinner so I guess he got it. I have a good hubby!
Oh and before I leave for the night it seems Jude is now fitting in 0-3 vs newborn and that makes me happy. I had someone over here this weekend, and she kept mentioning how little his head was :(. I know she meant the best, but it still worried me that he still has issues. He seems so normal to me though, and we just adore him!!! I guess all babies vary in size though, because Jude was longer than her little boy and he was 3 months. He has eaten so much today too. He eats so much more than Em ever did, and I am having a hard time keeping up with him. Also, I got on the scale today and was down 4 pounds!!!!!!!!!! How that happened in 1 night I have no idea so it had to just be water weight and will come back. I am encouraged though, and yes I am still walking. I am off to try to sleep a few hours.

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