Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Just call me Martha

Well actually a better name would be Jenn sews kinda crooked Stewart but............ I actually SEWED!!!!!!!!!!! I made Jude a blanket and it's a little lopsided and not even in spots, but darnit I put it together and am proud! ha! It's the first thing I have ever tried to sew ............... so I don't think it's that bad. Plus it's something that Jude will always have, and he will be able to say his mommy made it for him. He can keep it forever, and hopefully he can enjoy it. I know items like that are special to have around.

So the family went to a neighborhood national crime watch night tonight. Yes, we are a thrilling bunch of party people. Anyway, we kept trying encourage Emily to go find friends from her school and run around with them. It was basically a block party, and there were a ton of police, fireman, we even had care flight. After we had her sign up for the child safety program there I explained she was in the safest place possible, and to please play. She finally found a friends, and decided to venture out. She then got so confident we COULDN'T get her to come home with us, but finally managed. I was proud of her, and happy she is making friends in the neighborhood. I remember growing up as a child that I was always outdoors, and had friends on my block to play with. In fact one of my best friends was right down the block. I remember my mom calling to make sure I could walk down to her house, and then calling to make sure I arrived there safely. There wasn't a worry that someone may take me on the way to a friends house. We played until dark or until we heard our fathers whistle signaling us to come home. Once we got home we were filthy and there was no arguing a bath was needed. Things are different now though. Although it seems Emily has made a friend that just moved into the neighborhood just like Em has, andddddd she is right down the block...hooray! They ride the bus home together, and even walk up and down the block together. I am rather protective of my child so it's great that she has a friend so close. Now I just have to let go some and as Emily said tonight quit "following her around". lol! So one of the highlights of the evening was the child safety cards the police issued. They basically take your child's height, weight, hair color, eye color, finger print and then take a picture of them. This is all on file and a card if given to you if God forbid they get lost of turn up missing. Well the highlight was them getting Jude's tiny little finger prints on his card. Everyone was laughing at the itty bitty fingerprint.

On another note Jude got up at 4am this morning, and decided he was going to stay up and play..............SIGH! About 6am I handed him off to his dad and went back to sleep until........oh ........6:15 when my alarm went off to get Emily up. It was greatness people sheer greatness. I finally got him to go back to sleep about 8:15 by cuddling him very closely in the bed next to me. We slept together until about 10:30 when Jude had one of his famous poo's!

Oh, I forgot to mention that when Emily came home today she walked through the door then burst into tears. I just looked at her confused and hugged her tight near tears myself. She finally said some little boys on the bus made fun of her arm hair, and called her an anteater...ugh......poor kid. So Mikey said he would have a conversation with them if needed, and that made her laugh. Turns out our area is having a contest for the best house decorated for Halloween...really???? is there a contest at all? Our house ROCKS on Halloween. lol! No joke. I will have to post a pics from last year. Let's see what those little boys say now... meanies!

So my next sewing project will be Emily's Halloween costume. She wants to be a Zombie cheerleader (yes my child likes scary costumess....lol). So we shall see how it turns out. I explained in a prior blog that I love arranging parties so I am having fun getting everything ready for her big Halloween bday party. Also, my sister is getting married next year, and I am thrilled to be contributing ideas. I am trying to help Kay get a few things together for my sisters special day. I also want to give her a shower which will be lots of fun for hopefully she and I both. I still wish I could get the wedding facility up and going at some point. It's one of those things in life when you just know it would be successful.

If you haven't noticed this is the first week in awhile I have ZERO doctors appointments!!!!!!! Next week I have my 6 week Ob appt. I don't have another platelet count until the end of the month, and Jude's check up will be then as well. I measured his head today and it's grown to almost 14 so my understanding is that any growth is good. Mike looked at me tonight and said "He is just so normal there is nothing wrong with our baby". That made me smile. No there isn't anything wrong with him, and it never will be in our eyes.

I now have to go chase my kid upstairs because she won't mind me and go to bed I can hear the 1....2.......2 1/2.... coming on. I will post some pics!

My masterpiece:
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Jude with his daddy
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Ps. I should have named this random all over the page in subjects blog.

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Karen said...

Your blanket is adorable! Good job. I'll bet it becomes a family treasure.