Thursday, October 9, 2008


Hello everyone! I am currently doing some renewal calls for work, and thought I would take a break and blog. So it seems Jude is starting to smile more, is giggling in his sleep, and is a lot more alert. I am soooooo proud of him. He is reaching all his milestones, and even a bit early on some. We will hope this progress continues because with each milestone he hits it's a step in the right direction. Mike and I both don't see how he would have an issue with walking because his legs seem so strong. You can put him at the bottom of your tummy while you are laying on the couch, and he will eventually make it up to your neck. As stated before he is really starting to get on a schedule too, and it seems his wake time will be at 4am. I can handle 1 time up at night when I am working, and that is close to when we all have to wake up anyway. Also, I have mentioned he does not want to be put down during the day, but he seems to be getting a little better about that too. He had a lot of play time on his baby Einstein mat today and even was "talking" to a picture of a duck on it. He stays awake about 2 hours in the morning when he gets up and sometimes 3 hours. Today for nap time I tried wrapping him up, putting him in his bassinet in the other room, turning off the lights, and cutting out the noise and ..........he slept! So I guess he is like me, and wants to be in his bed and have it quiet. Most babies will sleep in their swings, or playpens, etc ... Jude wants HIS bed! lol. So I went on an additional sewing tangent last night, and made some burp cloths. They turned out ok I guess, but I am not that great at this sewing gig....yet.
Emily's birthday is this weekend, and I am taking her to a festival in our city this weekend. She and I are also making a pie for a contest.........let's hope it turns out ok. It is a chocolate chip pecan pie..mmmm. She is a little miffed that Jude has to be involved in her bday, but I am sure it's just that jealousy coming out again. I try to have patience with her transition. Mike says I let her run over me a lot, and I am sure I do....but she was my only baby for a long time.
So even though I love this domestic Goddess role (ha), I am still anxious to get out and have a night on the town. So therefore I am looking forward to next Sat with my hubby when we go out for our anniv. Although, I am sure I will get out and then wonder what Jude is up to the whole I know he will be safe with my cousin though.
I am still working on this baby weight, and ran up and down my stairs 8 times today. I will do that either more times here soon, and that should strengthen my legs again. Here is a pic of the little guy smiling.....
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