Friday, October 10, 2008

Long Day

Well I was out most of the day today for the first time in awhile. I had a lot of errands to run including going by work, and right before I left to get started Emily's school nurse called that she was sick. It sounded like she had strep throat so we ventured to the doctor in addition to all the other errands I needed to complete. It turned out that she had a virus vs strep so we continued to do our errands, because they were really places I could just run in to. Em seems OK, but just needs some rest and she gets to sleep in tomorrow. Due to traffic we still did not get home until late even though it did not take long to actually complete the errands. Once we got home I still had to do laundry, dishes, cook dinner, cook pies for Emily's PTA tomorrow, Jude was VERY fussy, put up laundry, sweep, etc. Mike went to a friends house, and he ended up getting a call that just said "I NEED A BREAK!!!" lol! I guess I got a taste of what life will be like once I go back to work because it's currently 10:30 and I just sat down. The good news is that I took Emily's Halloween costume I made by work today, and Sarah said "Oh my ........... it's um really good". That made me feel really great.
So last night I was sitting in the bath thinking about how great it would be if I really could stay home with the kids at some point. You should see Jude and how he responds to...... well just my voice. Although, it's just not possible right now for me to be at home.......especially with the economy the way it is. Although, since I am now paying Jude's health insurance it almost makes sense not to work so we can get CHIPS. Were you aware that many other countries pay their moms to stay home with the kids??? Yep they get a salary!!! They also have paid maternity leave for at least a year, and paid health insurance. I am aware their health care may not be as wonderful as ours, but still their government pays. Don't get me wrong...I love living in America......... I just get frustrated. In the 50's there were not rampant drugs, school shootings, etc and maybe that's because 1 parent could stay at home. So some ask...why have a kid if you cannot stay home? Well if we all waited we would never have kids at all....... EVER. I guess I could go on and on, but honestly it's just not worth it. I am so disappointed with what's happened to America and it's economy lately. Sometimes I wonder if Osama is sitting back proud of what happened after 9/11, and don't even get me started on our government. The gas prices, the job loss, the poor renters being evicted due to mortgage foreclosures, etc. Drive down 121 and look at all the restaurants that are CLOSED!

The good thing is that a part of me really enjoys who knows what the right answer is. I do want my children to participate in extra curricular activities, have proper health care, special birthdays, and nice clothes so that requires my job and I am lucky I have one I enjoy.

On another note while at Emily's doctor I ran upstairs to see the perinatologists, and I was finally able to show them Jude. Dr. Graham AND Payne were there!!! If you have kept up with our story you know who both of them are, and you know both their personalities. Dr Graham was rather emotional, and looked at Jude very lovingly. Dr Payne gave Em some graham crackers ,and scratched Jude's feet. Dr Payne said "well he can feel his feet and toes, and look scratching his foot makes him suck his pacifier" so he was a bit more doctor. That's to be expected though, and I was glad he did that. Dr Graham asked about the neurosurgeons results, and then said again to please keep him updated so he can advise others in a similar situation. They both said they were anxious for the MRI results. I told them I am too, but that regardless of what they say it really is just watching Jude's milestones and I refuse to panic over the MRI again. Dr Graham said how happy he is for us, and gave me a hug which took me by surprise and I hugged him back. Sweet sweet man!

I am going to check on Em and will write more tomorrow. Here is her Zombie cheerleader! What do you think?

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Ps ~ I just watched Sat night live from this past Sat and WOW it was hilarious!

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