Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Since Mike hurt his back, and is on and off at home I am a bit thrown that today is actually Monday........... it seems like Sunday to me. Even though I had a very off day I got everything done I needed to. I even worked on Emily's Halloween birthday cake for about two hours tonight. I will post pictures when I am done, but I painted graves, spider webs, haunted houses, and more with melted chocolate...lol. This is a a week long project, and I am doing it because I love creating anything artistic. I figured it would take days for the chocolate to set like cement so it's in the fridge until Thurs. Anyway, I told my cousin the other night that I was going to post the following picture and put "Nuff Said", BUT it's more fitting for tonight:
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Jude has been SUPER fussy tonight..........but cute. I am not sure what is wrong with him, and it makes me sad :(. I think he either had gas, or some ear issues because he is tugging at his ears like Em did. We did get him down though, and he seems to be sleeping ok.
On a happy note my friend Ginger came to see me today. I just ADORE her so much, and miss seeing her. You guys have to understand that I have known this girl since I was 15, and in high school we were inseparable. She is the friend that you may not talk to for six months, but you can pick right up with where you were before. You also never feel uncomfortable, or have those weird moments of silence it's just you guys and it always will be :)!!!!
I have some wonderful friends, and several I have had for many years I am very lucky!!!! On another topic it seems Em is being miss bossy pants at school. Mike told me tonight that Emily's friend down the street admitted that Em loses some friends because of her being bossy. Sigh, I guess we will have a talk in the morn. Have a good night guys!

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