Friday, October 17, 2008


So I got my husbands anniv. gift and went ahead and gave it to him. I got an incredible deal on 2 tickets to the last home game EVER at Texas Stadium. It also came with a red parking pass. I am not sure the girl knew what tickets she had. They were lower level, great seats, and with the parking were worth A LOT!

So on another note I was about to bathe the baby today when I hit the shower curtain and the whole thing came crashing down. I grabbed Jude out before the pole came crashing on him, and it scared him to death. He cried so hard that he lost his breath so I thought maybe he had indeed been hit. My husband came running upstairs and ripped the whole curtain/rod out and threw it in the guest room. That stupid thing is a piece of crud, and that is even after the builder replaced it once before. My husband cussed at it like it could hear. Anyway, Jude seems to be fine and is laying on his daddy in his light blue jammies. He looks so cute!!! I am admiring his cute lips.

Emily got her hair cut today, and its adorable!!!!!!! She asked to get it short and I wasn't sure if she would like it, but it's too cute on her. She also looks grown up with it. I will post a pic tomorrow. In the mean time I am off to get the dining room set for her party. I am doing it this weekend so I will make sure I have all I need. The dining room is our "scary" room in the house. It has a 6 ft witch stirring a potion that really smokes, etc. Yes, we are crazy! ha!

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