Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's party time

So after weeks of preparation Emily's big tenth bday Halloween bash is here. The plan was her daddy would come pick her up this morning at 8:20 to take her to her double header softball games. He then was going to take her for pizza so they could spend some time together, and I could prepare for the bday party. Well about 8:33 I figured there was a problem and called him. I am afraid he overslept and he felt just horrible about it. So I threw on some sweats and a hat to run her up to the ball field. The coaches looked after her until he got there, and it was all ok because I had to run to get the balloons, etc anyway. I have made 25 Carmel wrapped apples for treats to take home, set most everything up, made the cake, etc. Oh and sliced my finger open so bad making apples that I thought I was going to have to go get a stitch...sigh. I still have a lot more to do, but she is going to have an awesome party. Since it's Sat I will go ahead and post the cake. People this took me a long! I promise it looks better in person....

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Back with Spider web:
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And yes I am crazy for doing all this with a newborn, but I love it! I have always loved throwing parties. If I had my choice of jobs I would be a party planner. Speaking of I laid in bed and bawled to Mike last night about how I am afraid Jude will feel I have abandoned him when I do back to work. That's a whole different blog though. Plus, I am sure every working mom deals with those emotions.

So want some good news? Jude slept from 10:30 - 6:30!!!!!!!!!!! I put a little rice in his bottle because he just seems hungry all the time lately. He ate more than twenty ounces before 11am yesterday. So I tried the rice, and the baby was a HAPPY CAMPER! It was only a teaspoon in 4 ounces, but you would have thought he was sucking gold he loved it.
On another note he is still not concentrating much on our faces. He is smiling more, but at our voices not our faces. He is holding his head up, pushing up on his chest, can roll over to one side, and is starting to coo more. So it seems like he is getting to his milestones. He also puts weight on his legs when you hold him on your lap which is pretty funny. His hair is the funniest thing to me.......I call him rooster. No matter what I do he has that tuft that stick up right at the top. Well I am off to take a quick bath and then it's busy time.
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NandAMommy said...

The cake looks great!! I think you did a great job.