Thursday, December 30, 2010

A sleepy little Jude, and a rotten radio DJ

I slept last night, can I hear an AMEN? I took Jude to bed with me about 9:30, and he was so cute. He snuggled close to me, and you could tell he was really happy to be in my bed. Before he went to sleep Emily came in to tell him how great it is to be in mommy's bed sometimes. I thought that was really sweet. Speaking of Emily, guess where I found her at the other night?

It's cute she loves Jude so much. So Jude did sleep until 4am, but by that time I had caught up on sleep, and I wasn't cranky about him waking up. I eventually put Jude on his tummy, and he went back to sleep until Charlotte the nurse got there at 8.

So a few of you know I had an issue with a DJ on a local radio station both Tuesday, and yesterday. I wasn't going to mention it on my blog because I thought the situation was resolved, but I guess it isn't. I also thought it would be better handled between myself, and the person in question.....I guess not. I am however not going to mention the DJ's name because I personally believe he knows what he did was wrong. Let me explain the entire situation. I generally listen to Kiss Fm, because I am a loyal fan of Kidd Kraddicks, but occasionally I listen to sports radio. I am an NFL fan, and my husband keeps that station on in his truck.  While on lunch break at work on Tuesday Mike called me to tell me about a discussion the DJ was holding about screaming children on airplanes. The DJ had said that all screaming children should be tracked by the FAA, and then banned from all flights. It was rather funny, but Mike said the DJ continued to rant and rave about the situation to the point it was out of control. The DJ had also twittered some horrible remarks regarding that situation, he even went as far as to call the kids parents "smelly foreigners". He then called them "***** *** parents" for not wrangling their child. I wasn't on the flight, and maybe the child was difficult, but the language and racial slurs, were uncalled for. We have all been annoyed by screaming children, but we don't go as far as this guy did. So Mike said he was wondering what the DJ would say if the child was special needs (good point...what if the child was autistic?). Mike took the time to call the radio station, and the call monitor put him straight back to the DJ'S cue, but the DJ never would take Mike's call. So therefore (you know me) I sent the DJ a twitter, and our conversation went like this...

CJENGO36 (me): so just what if these kids "screaming" on planes are special needs? Would you still want the FAA to ban them all? (I expected him to say, well that's a different situation)

DJ: I would hope that the parents would properly sedate their child (oh no he didn't!!!)

CJENGO36: and if that child is on heavy doses of seizures medication, and cannot be "sedated" what then? Is your comfort more important than my child's health?

DJ: Did I say that?

CJENGO36: "I hope the parents would properly sedate the child" that's EXACTLY what you said.

DJ: I stand by everything I said. It was intended as a comical holiday peeve which most people get.

CJENGO36: I got your comedic relief, but it was obvious you were truly irritated. Just remember that some children really cannot help it. I know this because we aren't in the "most people" category anymore. Anyway, enough arguing, have a great day.

My intention was to merely try to educate this person, and open his eyes to the potential of being sensitive to people's individual situations.  The child may have been special needs, or may have just been a difficult child... who knows. I thought this issue was over with, until I got several emails yesterday. It seems Mr. DJ decided to read our twitter conversation, announce my name, and rake me over the coal on LIVE PUBLIC RADIO. He went on and on about how I brought special needs into it, when my problem was with the sedation comment. To say the least, I am rather upset. It was unprofessional, and uncalled for. I then put a call into the station so Mr DJ could talk to me live, and guess soon as he heard it was me.....he hung up on me. So here was my response in letter format.

"I tried to call you in response to how you raked me over the coals today on your show, but without surprise someone hung up on me. I responded to your rant yesterday regarding how all screaming children should be banned by the FAA.

Yesterday I tried to be professional, and simply asked you what your course of action would if the child in question has special needs. Your response was "I would hope the parents would sedate them". That is when I got rather upset, because that was an ignorant remark. I was simply trying to educate you, and open your eyes, to the extenuating circumstances that may surround some children on airplanes. I am not an "angry" mother or someone just out to make a political statement. I simply wanted to let you know that your comedic relief regarding holiday travel should be re-examined.

If you can be sensitive to Michael Vick's situation, then why can't you be sensitive to this situation? I welcome your phone call, or reply at any time. I would rather talk about this like two grown adults rather than you bashing me on a public radio station. "

After that I let the entire situation go.  I was thankful there are great DJ'S like Kidd out there that love and support the disabled. I wondered what he would think about the entire conversation since he flies a plane full of special needs kids to Disney every year.  Maybe the DJ in question will learn not to be so rude about certain situations, and to further educate himself, but I doubt it. I chalked him up to a Howard Stern wannabe, but I don't think Howard would have even made that stupid sedation comment. I think it just screamed ignorance. I guess I have just learned to be more tolerant of everyone since Jude special needs, or not.

Today is my Friday, and I am looking forward to time with my family. Jude didn't have any retching last night, and I hope this weekend proves to hold the same. Oh, and Jude also tried to say "Ma Ma" again last night, but it came out more like "MayMe" but it's still thrilled to hear. Have a wonderful New Year everyone, let's hope 2011 is amazing.


Midwest Mommy said...

Oh this just makes me so mad. How could someone say that and then not even have the balls to take your call. Jerk.

jocalyn said...

I'm kinda confused!!! His comments on the radio didn't have anything to do with special needs kids. Just screaming, bratty kids on planes. I hate screaming kids on planes too...

Cjengo said...

Your right Jocalyn, it didn't. Mike simply wanted to ask the guy "what if" the kid was special needs. What if he was autistic like our friends chld who is hard to control, and screams? They look normal, so how would he know? I figured when I asked the DJ his response would have been "that's different" not "I would hope they would sedate them". That's the only time I got upset. Plus, the fact he was so terrible to this family, screaming child or not they didn't deserve the horrible racial slurs thrown at them.

x o x o u i said...

It's useless to fight people who think they are 100% right, especially when they don't even take the time to LISTEN to what you are saying.

I read this online about that so-called radio personality (who, by the way, practically got run out of Portland--where he was before he hit Dallas)--"I think Gavin Dawson is a tool. He cuts everyone off and puts down everything he doesn't like." That pretty much sums it up!

mom2nji said...

I have a child who looks perfectly normal, who has autism and mental retardation. He has a tendency to scream randomly. Does that make me a bad mom? Or him a rotten brat? I don't think so. Honestly I don't fly because of a-holes like him. I would have been livid too Jen.

Helene said...

OMG-Radio DJ's can be SUCH tools when it comes to trying to get a laugh. WHAT A LOSER. People don't get it about kids having tantrums. Was this guy never a kid? He should call his mommy and ask if he was an angel when he was little-I am SURE he would get the shock of a lifetime when he hears how he probably acted... I am a firm believer that no one can comment on kids having tantrums unless they have a kid first. Just remind yourself that the DJ is a loser who cannot man up by aking your call. Pathetic