Monday, December 27, 2010

The big Christmas round up, and a blown G button

On Thursday night Emily's dad proceeded to help us with operation re-design Emily's room. He picked her up for the day, and then she stayed the night with his mom, while Mike, and I worked. Mike re-painted all of Emily's furniture, and then we painted her bathroom. We then let all of that dry overnight, and then we tackled the decorating. The plan was to keep Emily out of the house until 5:30pm. When she arrived we would have all of our friends, and family over to celebrate Christmas Eve, and to watch her surprise. Right on cue Emily walked through the door, and we led her upstairs. I think she was a bit speechless. Jude did wonderful this Christmas, and I think he really enjoyed having everyone around. He smiled, giggled, and overall had a great time. My cousin, and her family, my friend Shelley and her family, My sister, her hubby, my dad, and Kay all joined us Christmas Eve, and it was really wonderful.

The next day it was rather quiet. Mike, and myself, and Jude's nurse Allan all stayed home. I cooked while everyone else did their own thing. Emily had gone with her dad again to his mom's house, and everyone just relaxed for awhile. About 6pm my family showed up for dinner, and we again truly enjoyed each others company. I feel very blessed.

Overall the weekend went well until this morning. About 4am Jude woke up screaming, and Mike took off to tend to him. I had been up several times, so Mike got up this time, and saved me from the cold house. All of a sudden I heard Mike yell, and Jude yell. I knew this meant Jude's button had popped out. Unfortunately, this time the entire button was blown, and we needed a new one stat. Mike got very stressed, and when Mike gets stressed, Mike yells. That's just how he responds, I hate it, but it's him. So he was yelling, I was trying to calm down Jude, and Jude was crying. Mike asked for the petroleum jelly to insert the tube back in, so I ran out to get it. Well I guess Jude wiggled, and Mike got upset, and suddenly I heard a very clear little "maaa maaa" I was excited he asked for me, but said he was upset. I said "mama is here, and I ran in to stroke his hair, and he calmed down". Mike was phenomenal even with being upset, and quickly got the new button installed. After we finished he said his chest was hurting. I am worried that he gets to stressed out in these situations.




One of the highlights of Christmas Eve, my cousin attacking Mike!

Precious! My friend Shelley's little girl Lauren. She kept telling Jude "up" and would tug on his hair, but she was so sweet to him. She would put her face right beside his, and just look at him. Then she would lay down beside him. She was just a doll.

This is Emily seeing her big present for the first time

I loved this video. This is my sister's dog who seems very distrubed by Emily's clarinet

and finally a video of Jude, and Mike.

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