Saturday, December 4, 2010

A call to Texas to stand up for their children!

So it's here. I have been hearing about the fact our great state of Texas may cut important benefits to the sick, elderly, and those less fortunate. Now it seems it may be a reality, and it's looming in the future. Texas has a staggering 18 billion dollar deficit!! Texas actually has a lot less public program than some other states, yet we still over spend. Why? Who knows the answer. I have read that many believe the answer is to raise taxes, especially on the end of those that earn much higher incomes than the average person. Some people believe that expanding gambling further into the state is the answer. The Republican party has suggested that Texas opt out of the Medicaid program. The federal government covers 60% of the state's share and the remaining amount takes up 20% of the states budget. According to the news last night this is the route our Governor is talking about taking. Currently Medicaid and CHIPS are off limits from any budget cuts, but if their proposal is granted our programs will go away. They also originally suggested that maybe the state could change portions of the Medicaid program, but they did not mention that on the news last night, they simply mentioned Texas wants to "opt" out of the program all together.

I understand there are many people in our society that just live off the system, but there are many people that work hard, and truly need this care.  Jude had group health insurance through my employer, but due to the economy we lost this coverage in August. I was able to obtain an individual plan, but Jude could not qualify. Luckily Jude was approved for the Medically dependent children's program. The program provides services to support families caring for children and young adults who are medically dependent and to encourage de-institutionalization of children in nursing facilities. It is also put in place to keep families that work, still working, and therefore they will not rely on the system. The MDCP program provides Jude support with a Medicaid back up for his insurance. The Medicaid provides Jude's medical supplies, medications, and nursing. Without this Jude cannot survive, and we cannot financially survive.

The end of this program would also negatively affect the elderly. I cannot imagine the staggering number of elderly that would be without medication, support, or nursing facilities. This in turn will cause a loss of jobs in the nursing industry. I understand something needs to be done about the outstanding Texas deficit, but leaving many special needs children uninsured and without the support of the government, isn't the answer. I am asking Rick Perry to stand up for the children of his state, and stop this from happening. I am asking all mothers, fathers, and family members of children with special needs, and those that will be negatively impacted by this change to stand up! It's time to write letters to everyone that can make a different in this possible outcome. To find who represents you in the state legislature you can go here: To write the Governor you can go here:  It's time to find out when they will try to pass this, and show up if we can. It's time to make a difference.

If it passes, Mike said we are moving out of Texas, what a thought. This is the same government that refused financial aid from the Obama administration just to prove a point. This is also the same government that has not offered the retired teachers of Texas a raise since 2001. They haven't even offered a cost of living raise. My grandmother was a teacher for more than 25 years here, yet we cannot offer her a COLA raise. She now lives in Missouri where they offer their retired teachers yearly 2% COLA raises plus more, even though they are one of the poorest states in the nation. I have always loved the great state I live in, but I am becoming a bit discouraged.

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jocalyn said...

thank you thank you thank you for sharing this information and doing your homework!!!

its hard being the only democrat among all of my republican family and friends...and living in texas!

but if people knew the facts and considered how important these programs are for kids like ours, and would stop taking for granted they have jobs and healthy children, maybe it would soften their hearts.

in my heart, i don't believe perry will pull this off. he would be giving up lots of federal funding, and quite frankly, texas can't afford it (while providing a reasonable alternative) fortunately it isn't all republicans, just perry trying to see what he can get away with. (i haven't been a perry fan...and am sickened that he is on his third term!)

this makes my blood pressure rise!!!