Tuesday, December 28, 2010

frizzy haired and sleepy

Well Jude was adorable last night, but such a stinker. He would let me hold him for awhile, and give me a cheesy grin when I kissed him. About ten minutes later he wanted back on his tummy, and then ten minutes after that he wanted back up again. Eventually, I told Mike his son wanted him to hold him, he laughed, and took Jude for awhile. Jude proceeded to follow the same routine when we were trying to put him to sleep. He fought sleep last night with everything in him, but he finally gave in (thank goodness). Of course this didn't last to long, and Mike, and I switched off tending to Jude last night. Finally about 4am Jude started retching, and I said "Mike the baby is retching" and he flew out of bed before I could. He came back to bed saying he is so tired of waking up like we do, all the time. I love my children with all my heart, but the idea of sleeping for five consecutive days on our trip sounds amazing. Now let's just hope my family isn't pulling their hair out by the time I get back, and that they still love me...hehe. The good thing is our nurses will be at the house from 8-6 while we are in Maui, and thus freeing up my family to do whatever they want to during the day. We are very lucky we have so many people helping us to go on this much needed vacation.

T minus ~ 39 days..............

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