Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A sleepy Jude, a barking dog, and a prayer

It was a long night. For some reason I kept waking up every hour, and checking on Jude......and he was sound asleep. Just what I need, to wake up when the baby ISN'T awake, lovely I tell ya. When I finally fell into a deep sleep at 5:30 Mike's dog Lady (aka terrorist #1) started barking at the back door. She generally barks about 7am because she wants to be fed, but for some reason she was up early today. Mike shoo'd her back to her dog house, only for her to get up again at 6:30, and so on and so forth. I was very aggravated, and was plotting how to get revenge on the said doggy. Mike protested that she is just really smart, and knew someone was up in the house (turns out Jude was). Love the excuse babe, but I say your dog is just annoying, and has you trained very well.

Overall Jude seems to be doing well. He is still congested, but not nearly as bad as he was this weekend. He slept well last night, and when I came to see him this morning he was looking back at me smiling. I wonder how much goes on inside his brain. It's very obvious he knows who we are, and he responds to us. He smiled really big when I came into his room, and the fact he darts his eyes back to look over his shoulder to see me is reassuring.  He still wants to be on his tummy on a constant basis, and we all feel bad leaving him in that state so much, even the nurse. Although it is what he wants. We all hold him for awhile, but you can tell when he wants to be put back down again. We have always been scared to let him sleep on his tummy, but he finally got his wish the other night. He just would not sleep, so I put him on his tummy in his new bed, and he slept soundly without any issues. Mike, and the nurse are wondering if Jude breaths better on his tummy, and thus the reasoning he loves it so much.

So our nurse needs some prayers. It seems we have been surrounded by a lot of medical issues lately, and we have encountered another one. Her husband has not been feeling well at all. Well he went for an X Ray and he has white cobwebs in his lungs. This can be a sign of small cell lung cancer, and we are praying this is not the case. He is going for several tests this week. So if you can spare a prayer that he has something easily curable that would be wonderful.


Shannon said...

Dogs.....ugh! Glad to hear Jude continues to feel better. I was always very nervous about Marissa getting "addicted" to tummy sleeping. It was the only way she'd sleep for her 6 months in the hospital and that was okay because she was always on monitors. Luckily, she got used to back sleeping again at home. :) We'll be praying for your nurse's husband.

Anonymous said...

I love Charolette and I am sorry she is needing prayers but she will sure get them from me!!!!!

T. Joseph McCabe said...

I just posted two blogs related to infant's sleeping on their stomachs (1) Why the Back to Sleep Campaign statistics are highly questionable. (2) Why infants who sleep on their stomachs have better motor skills and less developmental delays.