Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A sickly Jude, and a band recital

Last night Emily had her first band recital. She plays Clarinet, and they have been practicing for some time. It's rather amazing because they practice in like instrument classes so they have personal experience with only their instrument. Then a week before the recital they bring all the instruments together, and coordinate for the show. I was rather impressed with how they sounded for a beginner band. I will subject your ears to a portion of the show.

So once we finally got home from her recital, ate, and cleaned up we were in bed about midnight. Before we put Jude down to bed he wasn't really acting like himself. He was crying, and doing this little momomomomo with his lips while crying. Well he woke up at two am............sick! Which means we never really went back to sleep, I am dragging tail this morning. It's like mother nature heard me say how Jude wasn't in the hospital this Christmas. I am keeping positive, but I feel horrible for him. I have been so sick, and I am sure he caught whatever I have. This is what we as people with normal immune systems forget about the disabled. Jude's brain doesn't know how to properly respond to being sick. He doesn't have the same ability to react by coughing, turning over, opening his mouth instinctively to breathe, etc. So Jude winds up gasping for air, retching due to drainage, and aspirating because his body is confused. So I stayed at the house this morning until the nurse got there. She is so amazing with Jude, and immediately got him sitting up, and doing CPT on his back. Jude was starting with the seal bark, so if that continues we will bypass the doctor and head to Medical City. Honestly, it seems we have little use for the pediatrician in these circumstances. We really need him for well baby checks, and eventually vaccines. Otherwise they seem to just diagnose Jude with a viral infection, send him on his way, and we know from past experiences where he ends up. So let's hope Jude gets over this fairly quickly, and doesn't need a trip to the ER.

Isn't it amazing how take or granted how our bodies work, and how we fight off infections. I never thought about my ability to cough, and the other instincts I have before having Jude. Have you?

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