Monday, December 6, 2010

A funeral

I attended a graveside service for my friends baby today. The words graveside and baby shouldn't be in the same sentence, but they are. My cousin, and Mike also went to the service, and we all left shaken, and very sad. I knew Mike doesn't normally attend events like this, but these are good sweet people, and his friends, so he made it. When he got there our friend just collapsed on him wailing, thanking him for the pictures he took in the NICU before her baby passed. When Mike made his way over to me I could feel him heaving from crying. I just patted his hand, and he held me tight.

We listened to the sweet words the man running the service said, and all the mentions of how we should turn everything over to God. I wondered if they brought my friends comfort. The religious sayings didn't help me much when I learned Jude was so very sick, but everyone is different. I hope someday she does find peace. I hope and pray her other little baby in the NICU survives, and has a long healthy life. I am asking everyone to pray for this baby! His sister held on as long as she could to give him a chance at life.

I am still not mentioned names, but we don't need names to pray. I am rather emotional at work after the service, and I feel strange being here. I guess it's that old feeling of wondering how life goes on when something like this happens. I do agree with my cousin, no one should ever have to cry like my friend cried today. Life is so unfair sometimes.

My cousin went home and had a drink, I told her I had to go to work so have one for me, and I would just blog my emotions out. Rest in peace little baby girl, I know you are surrounded by people up there that love you, and your mommy will see you again someday.


sarah said...

I feel your pain. Back in October a friend from HS had a stillborn baby girl at 35 weeks. The baby had been a "happy accident", but my friend was still almost ready for her little girl to be born. Losing her about sent my friend over the edge. What I think really helped her ( even though it hurt at the time) was the family pictures a bereavement group arranged for her. With time she is healing. I try to be the friend who is not afraid to mention her daughter's name...

That is awesome that your friend knew that she could call on your hubby to take pictures for her.

I.Make.Boys.With.Wings said...

My heart aches for your friends :(

I will pray for their surviving miracle and also that they can one day make peace with what has transpired.

You are right about "graveside" and "baby" shouldn't be in the same sentence. I remember when I spoke at Evan's funeral(having just spoken at Asher and Noah's not even 3 years prior) it was the strangest feeling to be "there" again...speaking those words again, grieving for yet another son. It is so difficult and heartbreaking...I wish your friends all the peace and comfort in the world. God Bless