Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Santa Spirit

So tonight we were watching "Glee", and the whole family loved it. They say the show has "jumped the shark", but we still watch it, and we think it's a wonderful show. Tonight was the Christmas episode, and it was patterned after one of my all time favorite Christmas movies, "The Grinch!". Sue, of course was the Grinch, and she did an amazing job. At one point they were talking about "Santa Spirit". Em got a little quiet, and said meekly "I just don't feel the Santa spirit this year around here". Why..........? Why wouldn't she feel the Santa spirit? I was heart broken because I have already done so much for Christmas without her knowledge. I began wondering if it's because of the recent tragedy we watched unfold this week, or if it was something I was doing. Maybe, it's just because she is getting older, or maybe it's because Christmas isn't about what we receive. So I sat there..............and I wondered what to do. It's important to me that even though my children get older they hold the Christmas spirit in their heart. So I thought a moment about what was important about Christmas....was it the lights, presents, or what? Then I came up with a solution. I said "Friday after work let's go see Santa". Em gave me a strange "teenager" look to which I responded "Jude has never been to see Santa, he has been sick, and we need to go", she quickly understood and smiled.  I continued, " after that let's adopt an angel off the angel tree:" . She seemed to really perk up, and then she spoke "but, I thought you said we really couldn't afford it this year?" I sat there for a second. I then responded "I get paid on the 15th, and luckily I have a good job with Mr. Tim, and if we do this God will provide.....we will provide a good Christmas for a little one that wouldn't have Christmas without us adopting them." Then she started talking about how we could provide two angels, and then three angels Christmas, and then I had to pull the reigns of my little philanthropist.

So Friday, I plan on my family helping my family find a piece of the true meaning of Christmas. The older we get the more cynical we get, and the further we distant ourselves from Santa. We forget the thrill of Christmas morning, and the innocence that laces the very fabric that makes up our hearts.  We forget how very important Christmas morning is to children, not for materialistic gains, but for HOPE.  This doesn't mean they need tangible objects to hold on to that morning, because the simple thought of someone loving them will suffice. So I encourage everyone to adopt an angels, or donate in some other way this holiday season.

I sent some evites out to my family, and I encourage you to join me on Christmas eve. I plan on restoring Emily's faith......in Santa!  I will send the same evite to some friends soon that might want to participate.

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Gilda said...

Wonderful idea Jenn, my kiddos adopted two angels from the tree this year. They chose the age and a boy and girl. It warmed my heart to see them so excited to buy things for others. And kudos to you for showing Emily what's important this time of year,and keeping the Christmas spirit alive!