Saturday, December 18, 2010

It will all work out........I promise

It's been a whirlwind of a day, but one filled with lots of personal accomplishments. Let me start with telling you that Jude was up the night before last pretty much every hour, on the hour. About 5am I jabbed mike, and told him, "Your son wants you". At that point Mike knew I was done for the morning, and he took over said baby duty. I am unsure why Jude still has some sleepless nights, but it seems to be a common  issue with special needs children.  About 7am my alarm went off for work, so I jumped out of bed to get ready for the day. I ( hi ho hi ho) headed off to work, and to my surprise the day was filled with lots of insurance tasks flowing through my desk. Generally this time of year leaves me with a lot of time to daydream, so I was a pleasantly surprised that we were so busy. About 2:30 I packed my office up because I needed to attend to some outside sales calls. As I blazed through DFW I remembered the thrill of accomplishment when I am able to sell something I believe in so much to someone that truly needs it.

After my full time job I raced home to ready myself for my part time job. Rarely, do I schedule Scentsy parties on a Friday night, but sometimes I get a request for one. Tonight hosted one of those requests, and Emily graciously went with me to help. Emily was truly amazing. She knew I was tired and she helped set my table up, and  at the end she swiftly packed everything up with grace as I took orders. When I turned around and saw the table clear of my full set up I was shocked..........and so was everyone else. I smiled at the compliments that my daughter was amazing, and I simply agreed with everyone offering the sweet words. Emily just smiled at me with a cute little grimace, and I knew she was just ready for some good food. So we ran out the door with a wink, and a smile, and then into the grocery store to obtain her goodies. 

Once we got home I admired Jude sitting in his dads arms, and I smiled at the way my boy turned his head when he heard my voice. Then I realized I have gone from being a person that feared "mental retardation" to being so thankful for my sons accomplishments. My doctors used to use the words I put in quotations above, and I would naively repeat them on my blog.  I have since learned those words are full of resentment, acceptance, and ignorance. I am so very thankful for everything Jude can do, and more. His giggles, and smiles melt my heart, and I treasure each tiny glimpse I get at the inner most part of Jude. I realize he can express emotion, he knows who we are, he can express when he wants to be moved, and when he isn't feeling well. We are very lucky he can tell us so much.

I also realized I am so spoiled in many aspects. Today Jude received some money from his grandmother to obtain all new 3T clothes. This is because my son is the incredible hulk, and seems to bust through his pants every few months. Regardless, he still received money, and I put it to good use on my lunch hours. I have learned how to really stretch a dollar, and Jude has a gorgeous new wardrobe.

So what why do I think I have many realizations today? I have a job I am very thankful for. At a very young age something (fate) turned me in the direction of insurance. I now hold 3 licenses in the field, multiple awards, and over 18 years of experience........which means I am worth something :). I am also blessed because so many people booking Scentsy parties with me. Just when I think I am out of parties........someone calls me out of the blue. It's work, and a lot of it, but I am grateful. Today, my fortune cookie read,  "Don't will always work out" Boy is that true.

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Anonymous said...

With your positive attitude you influence so many!!!! If everyone had this attitude the world would be a much more lovely for us all!