Saturday, December 11, 2010


So Wednesday night I went to bed feeling a little tired, and Thursday I woke up SICK! I just didn't feel well at all, and it got worse throughout the day. By Friday, I was down and out, and actually called into work. Luckily, I started taking an antibiotic, and today I already feel 80% better!!! WHEW. I just had no time to be sick. I hate calling into work, and I also have a Scentsy party for tomorrow, and we really need the extra money. So I am thankful today for modern medicine, smiles.

Today we are going out for a it, but I plan on being back in time to continue to rest. We are taking Jude for his first Santa experience. If you remember he has been in the hospital the last two years, so this is a special treat. Also, Emily requested donations so her charity could adopt to Angels of the angel tree this year. The girl gathered enough donations for TWO Angels! She is very excited, and we are going to adopt them today.  Throughout the year Emily and I campaign for her Emily's Smile Boxes, and then in Christmas we pick a special family. Last year she picked the family of five whose both parents had lost their job, and now this year she is picking two Angels. We are able to help them all because of the wonderful donations, and support from the people surrounding her charity. Thank you everyone!!! We have been very blessed by such generous people.

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