Monday, January 3, 2011

Back to the grindstone

Someone wished that my new year would be full of more sleep, didn't work, but thanks for trying. I went to bed feeling horrible last night, and Jude got up at 5am. On top of that Mike, and I fought again because I cannot just let Jude cry, I have tired, but I can't. I am sure that's a guilt issue, but I cannot let him just sit in his bed and cry. I feel like I am unsure if he might retch, or seize. There was a time I would let Emily soothe herself a bit, but I still never let her cry and cry in her crib either.  So since he was irritated, I grabbed my blanket and pillow, and went to sleep with Jude. Honestly, it was pretty comfy, and Jude finally went to sleep until my alarm went off, about twenty minutes later. At least I got some sleep throughout the night, I know there are many out there that get little to none.

I was pretty mad that I started feeling bad again yesterday. I went back on my diet yesterday and loaded myself with fresh fruits, and veggies. Maybe my body is already revolting against the no fat, no sugar, no alcohol regime. All I know is I once again have a stuffy nose, and achy body thus making me want to strangle mother nature. I am trying to keep a positive attitude today, but just grrrrrrr it's fading fast. To top off my grumpiness Jude's Nissen is really blown. He was throwing up so bad this weekend it was spewing out his nose, and he would get very angry. I have gotten very handy with the suction machine. I am just hoping this is not going to cause an aspiration problem. We are making Jude an appointment with the specialist some time in the near future to be seen about the vomiting. We also put a call into his Neurologist. It seems the G button material can be rapidly deteriorated by the seizure medications Jude takes. The insurance doesn't want to cover more than 1 G Button ever 6 months, and thus leaves us in a bind. So we are trying to get a prescription written for more than what is currently supplied.

I made a list of items we need to take care of this week. One of the top priorities is finding a pediatrician that will accept Jude's Medicaid through the MDCP program. I would prefer to find one that is associated with Dallas Medical City. Before, you recommend your pediatrician you might ask if they actually take Medicaid because everyone I have called someone has recommended doesn't take it. I am still livid that Jude's doctor has the capability of taking it, but doesn't. He still sees Emily who is on full group insurance through Aetna, so you would think he would make an exception for Jude.  

Well I will leave you with happy thoughts. This is one of my best friends " Fleck" that I always talk about. I am so lucky to have her around. We both had rosy cheeks, but mine is worse. We were both "hot" in my house. Hope that doesn't mean we are getting older, hahaha! She makes me laugh all the time! It's nice having good friends.

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Debbie said...

we have had the same issue in our house...I always go in another room with Hudson when he is husband doesn't understand why we ALL have to be miserable just because he is...and I feel like way am I letting him all's his ONLY form of communication!!!! Frustrating!

Anyways...I feel your pain on that one...and if it makes you feel any better...Hudson has days and nights mixed...he is staying up all night and falling asleep at 7 am!!!! GGRRRRR!!!!! I hope getting back to normal routine does the trick!!

Happy New Year....hope Jude has a wonderful year!