Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Therapy updates, and speech issues explained

It's been another busy day. I wanted to take a few minutes to update regarding Jude's therapy session today. We were telling his speech therapist Jennifer how Jude has been mouthing the word "Hi", but nothing comes out. I mentioned this in my blog yesterday. Jennifer said she believes Jude has Speech Apraxia She said there is controversy on children having this condition, but she sees it on a daily basis. It's basically when a stroke victim tries to speak, and the issues it causes. Jude's brain knows he wants to say "Hi", but getting his body doesn't want to cooperate because of the damage done by the stroke. Mike and I both grew very interested in what she was saying, and I relayed to her that he has the same issues with reaching, grabbing, and moving. She said there is also Apraxia of the limbs which can also be caused by stroke. I told her that I constantly say that I think Jude is more aware of what is going on then we give him credit for, he just cannot show us he is aware physically.

We are going to ask the new pediatrician for a prescription for aquatic therapy. Jude loves the bath tub, and the range of motion is better in water for children with cerebral palsy. I think this will benefit him.

Here are some pictures of his PT therapist Kelly working with Jude on their scooter board. I really want one of these cool things. It's like a little wheelchair on a board. Once she positioned Jude's feet correctly he would actually move the scooter. He made it all the way to where I was sitting holding the camera. I was very proud of him. Now, if I can just get Mike to cut Jude's Beatles hairdo.


Katy said...

Charlie has this exact problem--he opens his mouth, but no sounds come out. We do Feldenkrais for the rest of his body and it really helps, but nothing has worked so far with his mouth and vocal chords.

sarah said...

My son has verbal apraxia. It was explained to me in a similar way. Apraxia is a breakdown in communication between the brain and the muscles. My son's is developmental, Jude's is probably due to his stroke.

One thing that Jude might actually enjoy is an electric toothbrush. I have been told that if you use an electric toothbrush inside the cheeks of a child with oral/verbal apraxia it "wakes up" the muscles in the mouth. It can even possibly help with some drooling issues!