Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love Saturdays

Jude was up and down last night again, but Mike really helped out with him. Jude's nurse Alan showed up at 8am, and Mike and I were able to go back to sleep. I was only able to sleep for another hour, but it was so nice!!! I turned off the monitor, turned on my loud fan, and crawled into bed. It was so relaxing.

Jude's button got stuck with Nexium for the first time with Alan. We showed him how we pull the button out to clear it out, and then put it back in. It's amazing how calm we are now vs how panicked we were when he first got his button. We are thankful there have been so many supportive people walking us through our path since his G button surgery. The doctor said Jude's Nissen appears to be in place, and prescribed a new anti reflux medication. In addition Alan turned Jude's feed down to 125 today, and it seems to be helping with his retching.

I showed Alan today how Jude will look around if I ask him, "where is Emily?". Jude will literally turn his head to look all around for her. He also reached out today and pet Bigs when Bigs was on the nurses lap. I am not sure if it was on purpose, but it was really cute.

I am taking Emily out for a bit this afternoon. Tomorrow I have a Scentsy party, which I am thankful for. A big thank you to everyone who prayed for nurse Charlotte's husband. She said one day she found him praying over his bible, and he told her that regardless of the outcome he was at peace. Well the next day he felt better, and his CT scan shows his lungs are now clear. Amazing huh?

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Jacolyn said...

Hi Jenn!! Kevin Shoop cuts my hair at KTS and as we were talking today I realized that he was telling me about Emily's Smile Box! I am a friend on facebook and so admire what you and Emily do!! Anyway...I just moved to Soutlake in June and have a daughter with CP ( and would love to meet you. Also, we LOVE to help Emily with her project or you with Jude. Please let me know how I can help. or 214,693,1882