Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A conversation of sorts

I have been craaaazy busy at work today, which has been wonderful. I just looked up and realized it was 3:40, the time flew. So I decided to take a break for a few minutes, and post an update.

Jude is still retching, and rather violently. We are getting used to scrubbed throw up out of blankets again, and changing his clothes more frequently. Eventually he will have to go back in and see the GI specialist. I know Charlotte his nurse is very attentive to this issue, and he is in good hands during the day. Jude only woke up three times last night, so we were able to get some decent sleep. I feel much better today, and I am sure Jude does too.

Last night I put Jude in his new jammies that my cousin bought him so he would stay warm. It was suppose to be super cold last night, and since he is near a window I didn't want him to shiver. He looked so adorable in his new little Pj's, and he was so cute with his dad. Mike was talking to Jude, and Jude would move his mouth to mimic Mike. To mimic is a trait infants display, but it's such progression for Jude. He mouths the word "Hi" but doesn't say it all the time. He also looks like he is carrying on a conversation at times, but nothing is coming out. It's actually pretty cute. Here is a picture of my boys carrying on a "conversation".


Bronx Cataldo's said...

Oh look at Jude in his big boy jammies. How adorable.
Finnian used to throw up alot and every test the GI did came back normal. The only thing could say was it was neurological issue that he was throwing up. THere are meds that can be given to stop them throwing up but we found if you take the fizz out of ginger ale and run it through the pump it worked the best.

Katy said...

Ooooh, Jenn! If you think he's "talking" it might be time to start asking about augmentative communication. Maybe just some picture cards at first. Imagine the possibilities for Jude!