Sunday, January 30, 2011

A weekend update.

Overall it's been a great weekend, but Jude has been very "pukey" today. That's the label he has been asssigned.  He has thrown up several times and we have been through countless towels, and blankets with him. We are going to have to find a solution to this issue. Charlotte suggested that Jude's feeds are all given during the night, and that may be the answer. During the night we are able to slowly administer his formula and Jude does not retch at all. He just wakes up wanting to be repositioned, but who can blame him. After hours of being on the same side I would want to be moved too. So you guessed it....decreasing the iron didn't work.

Fleck came over this weekend and helped me out with my Scentsy party on Saturday afternoon. She is going through a hard time, and I think we both needed some girl therapy. She stayed the night, and we got up this morning to enjoy some casual chit-chat. Mike and Fleck crack me up how they constantly giving each other a hard time.  Every time they see each other they start play arguing.  I truly believe they have developed a brother/sister type bond. Fleck also watched Jude for me while I took a much needed bath. I had one horrible heckalacious allergy attack this weekend. Picture Will Smith in Hitch when his eye swelled up and he looked terrible. That was me walking around Albertons telling Fleck I was pretty sure I might die in the baby aisle. We were both laughing so hard we were in tears. 

I am truly getting excited about our impending vacation .... although now mother nature seems to be rearing her head. I logged into the computer today with the bold Yahoo headline of "Coldest and worst weather Texas has seen in decades" really? I refuse to believe it's going to get that bad. I have faith my family will make it in, and Mike and I will be on our way to Maui.

In regards to our trip I have been dieting, working out, and tanning. I was working hard to get myself into the point that I wasn't very happy. It took my husband saying, "you will be the most beautiful and most wanted woman in Maui regardless of how you think you look" to make me stop.  He made me take a step back and realize I truly am okay just the way I am. So I let my hair down a bit this weekend. I pigged out on nacho's with my friend, and just relaxed. I know I have a great guy that loves me, and that I am truly self confident with who I am. I may have mommy scars, but I am still pretty just the way I am. As a rule I eat healthy, and I am active so I am truly okay with myself.

So with all the prayers that have been routed our way it seems that Mike may indeed have an incredible job lined up. This is all thanks to his awesome best friend Chris, and all those that have supported us. If this pans out I feel like things maybe changing for us. For the first time this weekend I looked at my friend and said......I feel like I can breathe. I then took the biggest breath in that filled my lungs and exhaled all the negative.  With that comment she said "Do you promise to slow down if this happens??" I promised her I would.   


Susan said...

Hi, my name is Susan. I have a son that has a g-tube and we use a blenderized diet for him instead of formula. Their is a yahoo group with all kinds of families in the same situation. Many of the childern had problems with vomiting their food back up and have switched to a blenderized diet and the puking has stopped. You may want to check it out.

jocalyn said...

i hope the weather holds out for you too!

in response to susan's comment, i have a book i'm happy to give you about the blenderized diet. let me know if you're interested. also, you can get a vitamix at a discounted price with a dr.'s note.

enjoy your snow day :)