Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ice in Texas and throw up in Roanoke

This is what I woke up to this morning in the great state of Texas...

Looks like snow right? Nope, that's all ICE! One thick huge layer of slip your butt and hit your head ice. So we had a "snow/ice" day. It has been a nice day overall, and we have enjoyed relaxing. Fleck stayed the night and learned that the label "snow day" means "cooking day" for Jenn. For lunch I made herb roasted chicken with a cream sauce, cheddar biscuits, and a lemon pound cake with a vanilla glaze. For dinner I made a ginger salmon with sweet peppers, and sauteed squash. I love to cook and I really enjoy it when I have time to devout to it. We have all the animals inside due to the cold...even the terrorists. They are in a corral in front of the fireplace, and our cat is not to happy about it.

I appreciate the information everyone left regarding the blenderized diet. This is something I would like to talk to our GI specialist about, and I would love any information anyone has on it.  Jude threw up violently this morning so I decided to change up his afternoon feed.  I lowered his feed to 100 ml, and I took him to lay down in our quiet room. The feed took over three hours, but so far he has not thrown up. Mike doesn't think rate of feed is an issue, but I am beginning to think otherwise. I guess it's all a big guessing game.

So what will the weather do to our trip? Who knows......I am keeping hope it will all work out, but I am not to sure. My family is getting massive amounts of snow in Springfield, Missouri and that will make their travel here difficult. Texas isn't suppose to be above freezing until Friday...and then it's suppose to snow again. We are flying stand by, and the amount of flights cancelled today at DFW airport was 3000!!! They expect another 3000-6000 tomorrow. So what does that mean? There are a lot of people ahead of us on stand by (possibly). Maybe John Travolta will magically appear to fly us to Maui? lol! Regardless I truly do believe everything happens for a reason. If we don't make it then maybe there was a good reason and fate saved us. That's what I choose to believe anyway. On the other hand, maybe we will be basking on the beach on Sunday.

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