Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Jude had a really bad night. We aren't sure what is going on. He only wanted to be held last night before we put him in his bed. I slept soundly from 11-2, and woke up to Mike getting up to go reposition Jude. He said he had been up and down with him since I went to bed. I guess I needed that 3 hours of sleep. Jude got up and down the remainder of the night, and he never really got comfortable. So this makes about my 5th day with 3 hours of sleep a night. Can I retract my blog from last night?? Just kidding, but if I could have called in and slept today I swear I would have.

The nurse said Jude's temp was a bit elevated yesterday, but it was normal this morning. We are at a bit of a loss on what is causing his issues but we are still keeping an eye on him.

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