Thursday, February 24, 2011

a little update

When I got home last night Jude was napping in his bed. When he got up I noticed he felt very warm and his temp was 99.1 that's pretty high for Jude. He wasn't under any covers, but I decided to wait and see if the temp dropped over the hour. It went down a little bit, but not much. Jude was also very restless......I think this may be a teeth issue, but you never know.

We put him to bed about 11pm, and he slept on and off until 4am. He then woke up at 4am, and he was up for good. Mike finally just lost it and threw his pillow across the room yelling that we just needed to shut the monitor off. I know he didn't mean it. So I finally just picked up my blanket, and pillow and went and crawled in bed with Jude. He went to sleep about 6:30 and I had to get up at 6:50 to get Em to her UIL competition today.

The good news from today is that our nursing was bumped up which means we will have someone there on Sunday. We considered bringing someone in at night, but it's very hard finding a night nurse. So we are going to do our best to sleep in each Sat and Sun so we can recharge our bodies.


Anonymous said...

That is great news a nurse for sunday!!!!! YAY!!!! DB

x o x o u i said...

I've often wondered about you having a night nurse. Being recharged on Sat/Sun is great, but with a job and all the other activities, getting real REST during the week is something you really have got to have. Even if it just a couple of nights a week!

x o x o u i said...

And...the person at night wouldn't necessarily have to be an RN. I think a CNA or even a nanny would be great---someone who could come in from around midnight to 5:00am or 6:00am. Seems like most of Jude's night needs happen around 2:00-5:00, right?

jocalyn said...

i agree. if your nursing hours have been bumped up, use the respite hours from MDCP to hire a night time attendent. if jude's not sleeping it is legit. through the consumer directed services option you can hire a neighbor, friend, family member. they just can't live with you!
between your respite from MDCP and enough nursing hours for someone to be there every day he's covered the whole week day and night! look at