Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A beautiful life.

I received a response today regarding my posts since I have been home from vacation. The poster mentioned that they were sorry I have had a hard time since I got back, and I felt bad. I have been a bit discouraged by the negative spirit I find in people, but I have not really had a hard time. I am actually a lot more at ease than I was prior to leaving for my trip. I feel like I had a chance to see how people live that have little worries in the world, and in turn I learned to embrace my worries and stress. It sounds strange, but to me it makes perfect sense. For the individuals in Maui that had little worry regarding work and family they seemed to have a lot of worry when it came to food, and clothing. I saw people relaxing, but begging for food. I also saw people that worked hard everyday, but knew how to relax at night ..... and were truly grateful for what they had.

Overall my life has been well since I got back. Coming back has been a reminder that I work everyday, sleep little at night, and deal with the insanity racing through our world, but that's okay. In the end we get rewards like a child's smile, my cousin receiving a deserved foster baby today, and a paycheck to pay the bills. Jude is very under the weather tonight, and we aren't sure why. He wants to be held constantly, and something is very wrong. We aren't stressing yet, but we are thankful we know the signs, and are watching him closely. Anyway, I wanted to stress that I believe in keeping a positive spirit, and I am sorry if I have seemed negative. So let me share some of the most amazing and positive pictures from my trip. These are the pictures that will bring a smile to my face because they mean something really special.

Below is a picture of a whale tail that I am so proud of. Mike had his Nikon professional camera in hand all day waiting on the perfect shot. I love to take photo's but have never really played with the right equipment. I just have a little $100 camera in hand, that I love :). So Mike proclaimed he had to go to the bathroom and handed me his camera instructing me to take pictures if needed. Suddenly this beautiful whale popped up right in front of the boat. I gasped and picked up the camera and just started shooting the camera over and over.........and I came out with the below picture. Let's just say that my photographer hubby was less than pleased but proudly gave me credit for the shot.

and below is "Joe". While driving down the highway we saw him walking with his cross. Mike exclaimed "when one person sees crazy I see a story" and he hopped out of the rented car quickly. We found out that the gentleman takes this walk every morning up a long stretch of highway just to save everyone that he can. God Bless his soul.

Mike wanted to catch some surfers and below he caught one. He proudly brought the picture to me and I replied "She needs some triscuits.........and 3 cans of cheese whiz" he cracked up and told me to look further. Good point Mike. He didn't see just a beautiful woman he saw beautiful color, a beautiful sport, and a beautiful life.


The Henrys said...

It sounds like both you and your husband have a great perspective on life! I love how your husband got out to talk to the man with the cross and congrats on your great whale picture!

Cass said...

Amazing shots from the both of you. :-) Sorry to hear Jude's not feeling so hot, hopefully this will work through quickly.