Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jude update

Mike stayed up until about 2am last night listening for Jude. Unfortunately when he came to bed Jude started getting up. At 3:00am Jude woke up congested and I was holding puke towels under his chin as Mike came rushing in. I hate that Jude currently has to live his life throwing up on a regular basis. He had a good day with the nurse but a very bad night with us. Mike and I laid back down at 6:33 (I looked at the clock) and my alarm went off a little after 7. I cannot function, literally. I am exhausted, and I really don't want to talk on the phone, or anything else. So I am off for today.

The good news is the below video, which is hard to see. This is Jude working with his therapist.



Jamie said...

I know every kid is different but our experience was this- it did not matter how much we fed or at what rate we fed, Anna would puke. It was a daily puke festival. Her emptying scan was slow/normal but I just really had a hunch that she had delayed emptying. We had a pyloric dilation and OMG the difference was amazing. I don't know if y'all have looked into gastric emptying but I would really encourage checking that out. The dilation was a lifesaver. So sorry Jude (and therefore Mom and Dad) are having a rough time. Glad you enjoyed your trip though!

Our Journey said...

definitely look at the gastric emptying test! frankie has had a few pyloric dialations, VERY HELPFUL! it may be time for another

Sherry C said...

My daughter used to puke all the time too with the pump and the g-tube she had so much trouble digesting the forumla. Another thing you can ask your doctor about is trying different kinds of formula we found that Nestle Nutren worked well at slow rates. It's a hugh struggle but I'm sure in time it will improve for Jude it did for my doctor but it took quite some time so sorry you have to go though this its rough for all involved.

jocalyn said...

hugs. hang in there.