Friday, February 18, 2011

Emily and her play

I talk a lot about Jude on this blog because the diary was primarily started to keep up with my emotional stress due to his diagnosis. I try to update everyone about Emily too, but I had to stress how proud I am of her this week. I am hands down exhausted because Jude has not slept well, but her schedule has been just as rigorous too. Yet every night she begs me to take her to school early in the morning only to be let down because Jude hasn't slept well. She has gotten up early everyday, stayed late at play rehearsals every night, and completed her homework without being harassed. Emily maintains primarily A's on her report card all while rehearsing for her school UIL play every single day. Tonight she premiered as Alice in the original one act from the original rendition of Alice in Wonderland at her school. We all know that the original score of Alice in Wonderland was rather strange, and difficult to just imagine learning it if you were 12.

Em did amazing! I was so proud watching her from the audience. At the end of the play all the cast members came out in segmented files and Emily was not to be seen. Mike poked my ribs and whispered "she will come out alone" and sure enough she was the last person out for her own applause. I was so very proud of her, and everyone whistled, yelled, and clapped. I could see the faint tinge of red blushing her cheeks, but I knew she was proud. I waited in the audience for her to round the bend once the play was complete. She was soon laden with tons of bouquets of flowers, and my heart over flowed with pride. I am very lucky! She has a GOOD heart. She helped so much when we were out of town, she is easy going and rarely speaks out when disappointed with people, she makes good grades, and she is overall a good person.

Also, her best friend Addison plays the Cheshire cat, and she was SO great!!! I got a bit of video of the two below. They have another showing tonight at 7pm, and I cannot wait. Congrats to the cast of Alice in Wonderland. I am proud of you guys!!!! Good luck at UIL next week.  Plus, thank you Emily for being an understanding, patient, and beautiful human being. The world is lucky to have you.


Gilda said...

Congratulations!Emily,she is such a beautiful young lady. I can see why your so proud mom.

Sherry C said...

I was just blog hopping and came across this and thought of Emily right away. Be sure to check this out for Emily.