Thursday, February 3, 2011

Dear old man winter....

Dear old man winter........ get the hell out of my state!!! (giggle). I don't like ice, I don't like snow, I don't snow ski, I don't do brrrrrrr temperatures. Let me fill you in on my morning. I first went outside to try and start my car about 7:15, and it didn't crank. This after spending awhile just trying to get my door open.  So the extreme cold had taken it's toll on my little car. So I marched back into the house to explain to Mike my boss really wanted me in today, and i needed him to jump my car. He thankfully got it to work but not without stripping the cables that hold his hood down. So I then listened to him yell at me for attempting to go out in this weather for awhile. So I get to work and I slip slide through the parking lot to my final destination. The roads in were okay once I got past my rural area, but man what a beating. I guess God wanted to Steelers and Packers fans to feel at home in Arlington, TX! I personally hope they take it back home with them. I  don't like ICE!

So what does this mean for our trip? Well it's been a stressful day. My Aunt called and it seems the roads from Springfield to Texas are impassable. So therefore, they are not able to make it in tomorrow. Charlotte has not been able to make it for nursing because of the ice, so we have about 30 extra hours this week. So she arranged a schedule that will provide 24 hr nursing care for Jude starting Saturday at 7am. My aunt that lives close, and Fleck are coming to help watch the kids. We are hoping my family will arrive Saturday night, or Sunday. I looked into rescheduling the flight, but the flights didn't look good. Plus, I am afraid the lodging accommodations will not reschedule because we are so close to the date of being there. They would be out money because of our misfortune.

In addition Em lost her phone in the snow, etc etc. So in honor of my stressful day I changed my facebook picture to this.

So do I think this is all a sign? No. I think it's our luck, and the way things go. It seems everything in our life is a difficult task, I mean our wedding facility burnt to the ground for goodness sake (2 weeks before our ceremony). Although, it teaches us to be grateful once we accomplish our goal. I am sure Maui will be a huge blessing once we get there.

Jude's slow feeds yesterday seem to really work. He didn't throw up on my ONCE. I am going to pass this information along to the nurses.


Rita said...

I have a friend whose wedding facility burnt to the ground about 5 years after they were married. Just hoping this will help you know you are not alone. They have 2 children too. :) Blessings - stay safe - and keep warm.

Cjengo said...

Thanks Rita. Ours was actually 2 weeks before our ceremony. We had to do an emergency re-route of the entire wedding. One of those things we laugh, but not then, lol