Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A quick update about the week from h e double hockey sticks!

Well last night was so much better!!! psych, just kidding, lol! Once I got home from work I walked in to kiss Mike hello, and then I was going to tell Jude hi. Jude was laying in his bed watching his sleep sheep when I heard a panicked cry and I went running into his room yelling "OH MY GOSH!". Mike came running too, and Jude had thrown up all over himself. It was all over his face, his hair, his pillow, and he was in a panic because he couldn't breathe. I asked Mike to start a bath and proceeded to get Jude cleaned up. He was all nice and spiffy clean when ......... he threw up again, so I wiped him down........and he threw up again. It was a nightmare, but we finally got it under control. I then had to leave to go pick Emily up from play rehearsals. By the time we got everyone settled, had me time, and everyone in bed we were really tired. Mike even fell asleep with me last night, which is unheard of.

Mike got up about 3 times last night, and I got up another 4 times. Jude never threw up during the night, but he was still very restless. I am still waiting on a call back from the neuro about Jude's sleeping habits. We are also waiting to hear back form the pediatrician regarding the cough assist machine, and a pulmonoligist referral. We are going to try to fit all Jude's appointments in within the next two weeks before Mike takes on a full time job. He is working for a friend right now painting, but we hope his big job will pan out very soon.

So yes we are tired, but it's okay. It's just a part of that new "normal" everyone talks about. We hope tonight will be better, but until this vomiting gets under control I am afraid we are looking at the same path.

Emily's rehearsals end tomorrow for her Alice in Wonderland UIL compeition. I am so very proud of all her hard work on this play, but I will not miss all the hours she has put into it. She decided to replace her play rehearsals with rehearsals for a pageant at the end of March. She really wants to go and even her dad is going to help get her there. She is a good girl, I am so proud. Here is a new picture of her in her play.



Anonymous said...

Have you thought about trying a day of just clear liquids like pedialyte and see if he still throws up. with my son he did fine with clear liquids but not with formula so we tried less formula after that and he tolerates it better. I kept telling the dietician to quit looking at the calculator and look at the child. She kept telling me he needed that calories but i told her if he always threw them up what was the point. Just a thought for you.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Em looks just like you did in this picture.