Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday's blog (a little late)

My day started about 5am when Jude beckoned to be repositioned in his bed. The abrupt start to my day was then laced with animals barking, Jude whining, and an alarm clock howling. I soon face a Saturday filled with a combination of Jude smiling, my husband requesting breakfast, and a busy schedule laid out before me. I started the day with selling raffle tickets with our friend Natalie to benefit Emily's Smile Boxes. Her fiance's mother so graciously offered up the local Schlotzky's to generate funds. We set up camp in their foyer, and Natalie was quick to sale anyone that walked through the door. I was hoping we would generate about $2000 from this raffle, and fully fund the spring and summer boxes. I am not sure we will reach that goal, but many people have thankfully contributed. I think that many of us ignore community service because we don't truly understand how we can touch those that need it most. If we truly understood how difficult the life is living on the inside of a hospital we would all quickly depart with the $2 it takes to purchase a raffle ticket. People avoid our sales table like the plague at some local places, when they haven't the faintest clue as we what Emily's Smile Boxes represents. I remind myself that I cannot judge them, they just don't know any better, and some people don't have funds to give right now.

I then had a Scentsy party tonight with a dear friend. Our daughters did a pageant together more than ten years ago, and to date she has remained one of my closest friend. She holds a Scentsy party for me about every three months. She is in a rural part of town, and it helps everyone in her area to keep up on the current scents, but my friend........well she knows it helps me too. While I was there tonight we started talking about old days, and laughed so hard. I was laughing harder than I have laughed in awhile, I noticed Emily was too. At one point I think we were both snorting, which should account for a good night.

Once at home I held Jude for a really long time, and kissed all over him. He smiled, and smiled as I kissed him. Just is still retching from the saliva his low tone won't swallow. This is in turn making him throw up over and over. It's been very trying and I am not sure what we can do, if anything at all. They are talking about doing another swallow study and maybe some electrical therapy on his throat to stimulate swallowing.

So..........I have an announcement, and I am sure people will be opinionated, but I ask you to hear me out. Emily has always LOVED the pageant scene, but I had a hard time keeping up with the demands, and some of the moms (giggle). If it was up to her she would do them all the time, but I am selective. I do believe pageants helped Emily become confident in public speaking, and comfortable on a stage.  I have an extensive sales background, and I love to throw an amazing event.  Mike has a background in photography, and videography. We have jointly decided start a pageant that will focus on teaching young ladies that if they focus on their inner beauty than their outer beauty will shine through. We want to focus our attention on a natural beauty or a toned down approach. We will be awarding an Emily's Smile Boxes scholarship of $500 to the one girl that donates the most time to community service throughout the year. She must show her community service work through pictures, and a letter of recommendation from a principal, girl scout leader, or teacher. When the girls arrive for registration I would like each of them to make a card to go inside an Emily's Smile Box. I would also like them to bring crayons, and coloring books as part of their registration fee for the boxes.  In addition I want to hold a banquet at the pageant and $5 of every dinner ticket will go to a charity we will choose, and announce. Then at the banquet we will have a speaker that will talk to the girls about the benefits of helping others. I want it to be an amazing fun filled weekend for the young ladies. Our top winner will receive $2500 in cash, and our grand talent will win $1500 cash. So there will be some amazing awards. Yes, I am always busy.......but this is something I would LOVE. Mike has an investor, and will be doing all photography, and videography at the event. We are shooting for late July and we are very excited. We found an amazing hotel that is working with us for the event, and have already discussed production design with others. So far my friends and family I have mentioned this to have been amazingly supportive. I have had offers to help in every capacity which is amazing. Everyone seems to think it will be a great venture and will have a positive affect on the lives e touch. Anyway, wish us luck!

I am not doing much today. I was suppose to go to Polar Ice to sell more raffle tickets but Mike has to go work, and I have a gummy tummy.

So my sister posted this picture last night, and I just loved it. Look how teary the grandparents are when Jude was born.

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Anonymous said...

We talked to the owners again at Schlotzsky's and met his partner, too, and they offered us opportunity's to do this anytime!!! We can go as far out as Denton, which a busy one, if we like. I think the pageant idea is wonderful and like I said yesterday, I'd love to have Camille participate! If there's anymore I can do to help with the raffle, PLEASE let me know. I know you're not feeling well. But I'd love to help out with the pageant part, too, I have lots of experience in that scene for sure! I really need some time spent with girls that aren't off their rocker, so let's please get together soon! Big hugs and feel better! xoxox