Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The zoo on a hot day

Today started my much needed staycation with my family. We slept until 9am (even Jude) and then we got up and headed out. We loaded up all of Emily's smile boxes for Cooks Children's Medical Center, and we dropped them off. Emily had so many boxes that they filled up the two level cart. I took lots of pictures, but I am afraid I left my card reader at work, so I will have to post them next week. The child life coordinator seemed very happy with them, and even invited Emily to a camp for kids who have ill siblings. I thought this was a wonderful gesture.

After the hospital we went to lunch, and then to the zoo. It was extremely hot but with shade, a lot of water, and misting fans we stayed cool. You could really see the difference between Jude's abilities, and other kids his age, but we still had a great time. We pointed all the animals out to Jude, and Emily really tried to involve him. At one point Emily wanted to go into a weather show that produced rain and snow on the audience, but I refrained from taking Jude. Mike went with Em, and confirmed that my suspension of over stimulation was probably right because another special needs child left in the middle of the show.

Jude is eating a bit better, and I even got 1/4 jar of peas down him along with his formula today. I am praying his eating continues to pick up. For some reason he is really resisting his bottle. The nutritionist is coming out next week, and I cannot wait to hear her suggestions.

Have a great day, and stay cool

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