Sunday, July 19, 2009

Are we doing enough?

I am happy to report that Jude has taken 16 ounces so far today, and a 1/4 jar of baby food. He also had some play time with his "reward" fan. Jude's therapist brought him a large red button, and if Jude hits it it will make his toy fan light up, and turn. Jude seems to understand that hitting buttons provides a reward. I found a website the other day that provides several of the "walking" stuffed animals that attach to this very same button. I am hoping Jude will receive a few animals from family members for his bday. I received his birthday invitation I created, and I will have to scan them for everyone to see.

Sometimes when I read the blogs of other special needs mom I feel like I am lacking the therapy dept for Jude. I see such neat adaptions, and equipment they have for their children. I am not sure if it's a failure to research on my part, or a failure on one of our therapists part. Although our wonderful therapist Leah is meeting with the medical equipment specialist at the end of July to fit Jude for his adaptive stroller. At that time he will also have a bath chair ordered, and I hope he can obtain a tomato chair. I sometimes read these other sites wondering how long it took for their children to obtain neck control, Jude shows so much promise, except for his neck. I know Jocalyn will smack my hand for reading other blogs, and being We work with Jude constantly on keeping his head up, tummy time, reaching, and more. I feel a bit held back because he doesn't have the necessary equipment yet, but he is still little. One thing I am pushing with Mike is to take Jude back to Gymboree. We got side tracked from his music/movement class because of his hospital stay, and just never took him back. I am hoping the owners will understand, and not have us pay another enrollment fee. Just loved his Gymboree class, and now that he is more aware I think he would truly enjoy it.

So I know my brain is going a million directions lately, but I guess that's going to happen. So let's lighten the mood, and I will tell you about Jude's crazy hair. Mike and I agreed not to cut his hair until Jude was 1 year, but come on folks it's getting out of control. So I gathered his hair into a nice purple pony tail holder on the top of his head, and took him to Mike to make a point. The pony was swiftly removed, and I was quickly reprimanded. Next time, I think I will try pig tails.

Mike is currently working with Jude on keeping his head up, and opening his hands. I am going to go help him.


~Amy said...

Jenn...I am so glad to hear Jude is eating better! YAY! You are doing a phenominal job on all of your research and education to help Jude! You are a GO-GETTER!! Keep it up....Jude is a lucky little boy to have such a special Mom!


jocalyn said...

I won't smack your hand! I do it too! I replied to your question about Kendall's head control on my blog.

Our stander is a loaner from ECI, as is our Special Totmato Chair. I doubt Insurance/Medicaid will let ya order a special stroller and a chair. They don't like to "repeat" equipment. (Ed will answer those questions for you!)

You're doing a good job. I think Moms in general always wonder if they're doing enough. I know I do.

Glad Jude's eating! I know that is a relief. Once he starts Pediasure...he's going to love it! Kendall couldn't get enough of it. Oh the good old days. Take care.

MommaDJane said...

I love the Emily Smile Boxes idea. I joined the Facebook Fan Page. Just love it! Let me know if you ever need help filling them or delivering. Especially since I'm close. Speaking of close, we'd love to have you join the DFW Chix next time we get together. It would be so fun. I'd love to get together and chat with you sometimes anyways since our little ones have a lot in common.

Amy Genn said...

Don't feel're still early in your learn a lot along the way! :)
As I said in my recent post on my blog, no one is going to come knocking on you door and offer you anything. Unfortunately.
Keep doing your best, researching as you can, and doing what seems best for your baby at this time.
As things change and he grows, you'll know when he's ready for the next step.
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!

mom2nji said...

Whew! I am so glad Jude is eating again! I was thinking about him all weekend. I think you are doing remarkable with him! He is blessed to have parents like you and Mike!

Jennifer said...

I want to see pictures of the ponytail! I am totally on your side about cutting the hair.