Saturday, July 18, 2009


Jude slept well last night, and even though he didn't take a lot of formula, he still ate. This morning he woke up a little before nine, and ate 6 ounces with rice...what a relief. He stayed awake for a few hours laughing, giggling, and playing on his blanket. He is now sound asleep in his bed, and I am about to clean Emily's closet. I am relieved that Jude is acting more like himself, and even though I know eating issues will approach us again, I feel much better. Sometimes I think Mike would literally break if he had another week stay in a hospital, but I also understand he would make it through. I also hate seeing Jude getting Iv's, and being poked, and prodded. Maybe Jude could sense our worry, and forced himself back to normal. Regardless, I am thankful that Jude is smiling, giggling, and eating.

The stem cell subject has now shown up in several support groups I am a part of. It seems there are several other mothers that either banked their cord blood, or did not. There is even one mother who has had another child already, and banked their blood with the hopes Duke U, or someone else will be performing sibling to sibling infusions. According to Duke U they will be approaching this subject or donation cords in the future. My understanding is whoever performs the infusion must extract the stem cell out of the cord blood to make sure there is no reaction. Although, I am not a medical professional, and only relaying what I have read. Regardless, it's all very fascinating. Ellen announced that Max will be receiving his infusion in August, and I will be following his blog closely.....I always do anyway though.

I am off to make a pot roast, and invite my family over tonight. I made some invitations for my sister wedding, and everyone needs to look at them prior to ordering.


Caroline said...

so relieved for you that Jude is better. Long may it continue!
Have a good weekend!

~Amy said...

I am so happy to hear that Jude is doing better!! Enjoy your weekend OFF and with your family!


mom2nji said...

Glad Jude is doing better!!