Monday, July 20, 2009

Quick update

I have been unable to post an update today because I have been crazy busy at work. I will tell you that Jude is currently at 12 ounces today, which isn't much. Although each bottle has been full of rice so that is extra calories. Mike sent me some great pics of Jude at home with his therapist from ECI. She brought a great ball for Jude to work on today, and Mike said Jude enjoyed the therapy session.

I also received an email from senior research nurse with a university. She stated they will be conducting clinical trials in 2010 using bone marrow stem cells for treating brain injuries, CP, and hypoxic ischemic events. She wanted to keep Jude's information on file, and I find this very encouraging. I am apprehensive about extracting Jude's bone marrow, so that would be something I have to really think about. It was nice to have someone contact us, about future possibilities though. I will be interesting in hearing all the pros and possible cons to the procedures.

I also received all of Jude's medical records from his neurologist. It's the first time I have read in bold dark writing "Intrauterine stroke noted". I guess I always think maybe there was something I just did wrong, but there it was in black and white. it was also referred to as a prenatal cerebrovascular incident. What was strange was I received the above mentioned email from the nurse, and I remembered I read hypoxic ischemic event in Jude's medical report somewhere. I believe that is a overall lack of oxygen to the brain, which Jude's stroke caused. It's a little confusing, and I will have to read back over his records, but I am sure it said that somewhere. Anyway, the medical records are just opinions, but they are interesting. Plus, I find this doctor's information a lot more positive than the last dr we had.

I am off, I will hopefully have a chance to update more tomorrow with pictures.


Candace said...

I remember having to go through all Faith's birth records, almost two file boxes full and having a total "BREAKDOWN"! I got soo upset that I put the boxes in her closet and haven't opened them since,except to retreive a requested record for doctors. It is sooo overwhelming. Be strong!

~Amy said...

Glad to hear Jude ate.....and I will pray that he will eat more! Also...great news from the nurse regarding research. I will definately pray for many doors and opportunities to open up for Jude regarding this. Glad you got through a busy Monday at work...hope you have a great week!