Friday, July 17, 2009

Fever update

Jude was a bit cranky last night, and poor Mike got little sleep. Honestly, neither one of us really slept that well, but Mike was insistent in staying up to get Jude to eat something. Since I have to get up and go to work, Mike takes Jude so I can try and sleep. I had worked with Jude until about 11pm, but he would take little more than some drops of Milk in his mouth. I tried some teething gel, but he did NOT like that at all.......I mean at all! He let me know for about five minutes he didn't like it. Jude's fever got to about 101.7 before time expired, and we were able to give him some more Tylenol (he had some earlier in the day), which brought his fever back down. I also put him in a luke warm bath, and let him lay there for a few minutes, which he was rather unhappy about too. Normally fevers do not bother me that bad because I know they are generally just doing their job, and fighting an infection. In Jude's case it may just be teeth, but again with Jude it's always a question of normal baby behavior, or life threatening. With Jude a fever can be very dangerous especially if he is not eating. Jude had about 2 ounces at midnight, and then had 4 ounces at 8am. So he is still eating, but not much. In addition to that he has loose stools, which contributes to dehydration. If Jude dehydrates his seizure medication can become very dangerous for his kidneys, and liver. So Jude's situation is different.

Emily used to run very high fevers when she was a toddler. In the morning she was fine, and by lunch time she would have 103 fever with an eardrum about to rupture. I would never have any warning she had an ear infection it just seemed to be instant. Em's pediatrician was never really worried about fevers, even when hers got to 105 one day. The high fevers made me uncomfortable, but again I learned they were there for a reason. With Jude it's like relearning life, and that sometimes throws you for a loop. Ear infections were Em's only issue, and they caused 7 ruptures ear drums, and 30 percent hearing loss in her right ear, prior to tubes in her ears. It was a nightmare, but nothing compared to Jude.

So I would prefer to be at home with Jude, but I need to work today. I set a doctor appointment for them at 2:15, and I will be waiting to hear. I also sent an email to his neurologist letting him know we were going to the pediatrician. I was unsure if he wanted Jude's pedi to check his blood for his Depakene levels, or not. I figured it's better to cover all the bases. I am still hoping it's just his teeth.

*** Update ~ Since 8am, Jude has only taken an ounce and a half. I am beginning to feel we will be spending another weekend at the hospital. I am frustrated that I am away from Jude, I feel like he needs me.


Candace said...

HI Jenn,
Thanks for the nice words on my blog. Jude is sooo cute! I am so glad to meet you. Faith had a bleed in her sagital sinus'(back part of her brain). It is great to get to meet other parents who are going through these things, it can be so isolating. May God lay His gracious hands on your son. Look foward to getting to know you!

Caroline said...

Hi Jenn,
Hope the lil fella is feeling better soon.
With regard to your question about cord blood, I am in the same sitation; I queried the possibilites, but was told that it would be of no use, so didn't persue it any further. And now it's too late to do anything about it :O(
Lots of love from Hope and I

Bronx Cataldo's said...

Did they just look in Jude's ears? With Finnian alot of his ear infections were diagnosed only by tympaneny tests due to fluid buil up behind the ear drum. Even now that is how they still check him for ear aches. Please be careful fo the theething gels because some of them contain ingerdints that can increase seazures. Does Jude have any teeth? Finnian got his top ones first it would take him to do things backwards Finnian I mean.
Hang in there Girl.