Friday, July 10, 2009

A let down

The good news is that Jude again slept through the night, the bad news is Emily did not make the select team she tried out for. Ahh the drama of kid sports. It turns out there were 13 girls, and only four - five spots. I thought there were around 8-9 spots open, but I was wrong. The coach explained that Em is a good little player, but still needs some work on some things. I know this, and she does need additional practice, but she is moving from rec to select so there are going to be issues. Each coach explains that Em doesn't need to go back to rec, but what is she to do if we cannot find a local select?? Anyway, poor Em is crying at home, but this is a part of life so it's a good lesson to learn. Also, she needs to learn that if you want something this bad you will do what it takes to obtain it. That means she practices without being told, and finds the time to improve her skills.

I am afraid if we put her back into rec, then Emily just will not improve as a player, and she won't ever make it to select. It's important to me because it's important to her. Select is a whole new world, and if you don't have a team that is picking you up to start with then it's a menagerie of excellent players. It isn't children that miss the ball sometimes, or miss a swing it's EVERY ball is caught, EVERY ball is hit, and EVERYONE runs like the wind. I guess it's like life, the only way your improve is to meet people that are better players. So now we must decide if she will continue to try out. I am considering continuing her lessons, and letting her play another season of rec, but bump her up to 12 and under. In fact, I am really leaning this direction. If she spends six months improving her skills then she will be a stand out at try outs. In fact, I am really leaning this direction. I am still holding out hope that her last coach, coach Brian will eventually form his own select team. He expressed interest in this, and in bringing Em on. This would be wonderful! I am sad for Em today, but I also think she learned a valuable lesson. In life we have situation that arise that require our full dedication, and sometimes you just get let down.

Jude was pretty fussy when I got home last night so we gave him a dropper of Tylenol. He immediatley calmed down so I know it was his teeth. I am going to keep this short today, but I did want to update.

Here are some pictures for you:

Jude finding his hand.......this is a good thing!


Midwest Mommy said...

I dread when the kids start sports.

Pam said...

Ah, the world of travel is largely overrated. In my experience, a lot of the parents you will run into in this realm will take this all way too seriously. If she has fun with the girls in rec league, I'd go that way until she finds a group of girls she really bonds with...just my 2 cents.