Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I rarely get headaches, but I have one today that could take down a horse. I stopped on my way to work, and got some alleve so I am hoping it kicks in quickly. I am sure some of the cause of the killer headache is lack of sleep. Jude actually did decent last night because he only had two seizures. He had one around midnight, and another one near 5am. The ones he is having are severe, and very loud. We have been told before that a seizure is a seizure, and just because they are louder does not mean they are stronger. This was told to us by the first neurologist, but he also told us that Jude's crying is a part of the seizure. He could be right for all I know, but the current neurologist says the crying is because Jude is aggravated, and it's painful. He also states you can tell when the seizures are more violent. I did talk to the doctor yesterday, and he said he feels Jude is going through withdrawals from the pheno. It's hard to think about a little baby going through withdrawals from a drug. So therefore that is why his seizures had increased, he was cranky, and his cheeks were flushed. His eating seemed to improve last night, then his seizures died down, and his cheeks were no longer flushed. We are now at two seizures a night which is what we were at before. I am not sure it will stay this way, but if it does then maybe the vitamin is actually helping a little without the pheno. That would be an answer to our prayers, and then we can work on eliminating the seizures all together. I honestly cannot remember the last day we had with him that was seizure free.

Jude has ECI today with physical therapy. They are suppose to be bringing some hand splints for him to help keep his hand open vs clinched in a fist. We should also be hearing from the vision therapist soon...I hope. They are suppose to be looking into a special playpen for babies that are visually impaired. I may put a call into them if we don't hear from them soon. We are also waiting to hear back from the medically dependent children division that it's time for our overnight nursing home stay. Once we complete that stay then we will be enrolled in the program, and that will help so much.

So since my blog is normally serious I thought I would deviate from the norm. I have to raise my hand that I am one of the guilty women in America that watches the Bachelor. Yes, I know it's ridiculous, but I cannot help getting sucked into the cat fights, pretty scenes, and over the top dates. I have watched every episode this season just hoping that he would pick the pretty Melissa from Dallas. Then I heard it.......I heard the awful rumor!!! I heard that it had been leaked from a source on the show that the producers had talked to Jason about pulling a switcheroo! The rumor stated that Jason would pick Melissa only to dump her on live TV at the after the rose ceremony for Molly. They said Molly and Jason knew what was going on, but poor Melissa had no clue. I thought this couldn't be true.......surely not! Well IT WAS! I was devastated sitting there watching the rumor play out in truth before my eyes. I thought to myself that if the sayings were true regarding what would happen on tv, then they were probably true that it was all set up. Why on EARTH would this man go on live TV to tell Melissa he was dumping her? Why would you not talk to her about this prior to the show, and give her the chance to bow out gracefully? WHY? Because it was a set up that's why. I am so disappointed with this now obviously scripted show. I guess these girls allow themselves to be subjected to this, but still what normal good hearted human wouldn't stoop so low. I am furious with Jason, and the show. GOOD RIDDANCE Bachelor you will no longer occupy my Monday nights. You know what's even funnier than my rant? The fact my husband was standing in my living room last night rewinding parts of the show over and over profiling Jason's face. He would yell "See right there see that half grin he is a LIAR!". So he made me laugh through my angry eyes.


andrea said...

good thing we didn't have to go on tv to find our great husbands! i am saddened that jude is going thru withdrawl symptoms, but babies bounce back so quickly and i am glad he is feeling better. i am praying so much that the vitamins work. i also hope all the extra help comes quickly...you deserve it.

Vicki said...

I spent the entire evening in the ER as you know but when I got home I played the DVR. I was shocked at what he did to Melissa! And the fact that Molly would want a man who had done that???? What's the storyline on part 2 tonight? Does he realize his mistake and want Melissa back? Or maybe DeAnna? I am so angry about what Jason did....not so sure I will watch it again. But, of course Melissa will probably be the next Bachlorette.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is very important for me. my baby is 1,6 years and has schiz open and closed. see you!

Jamine (Arthur's MOm)