Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jude giggled.

Sorry I did not post yesterday I was so busy, and not feeling up to par. It turns out that the headache I had last week was a really bad sinus infection. I figured that since I almost passed out at the other night, it was time to go see a doctor....even though I hate going to the doctor. So, since I had not seen a primary care physician since 06 I had to hunt a new one. I actually found a great doctor right around the corner from my office, and she has a grandson named was fate! She prescribed me some medication, and sent me on my way letting me know I needed to come back if I didn't feel better. That won't be an issue though because I am already perking up today.

It has been a very busy week already, and it is throwing us a bit off our normal routine. Emily has been saving her birthday money for some time now, and decided she needs a new bike. So Monday night we went and looked for bikes, trying them out, riding through the store, etc but she didn't pick one. So last night we had open house at her school, and then more bike shopping. Although, she did end up picking a new riding machine last night and a helmet with a dragon on it. YEP A DRAGON! I picked out this great white helmet with pink airbrush writing. It looked like the old skateboards with the airbrushed artwork....but NO! (No worries guys these are the army looking helmets that are cute). Anyway, my darling daughter doesn't want anything to do with pink she wants the dark green army helmet with the big dragon across the back...sigh. It's her money though so I let her decide which one she wanted. Emily was very proud of herself when she made her first big purchase. She wheeled her new shiny blue bike to the front with the devil helmet hanging on the handle bar, and smiled big to the cashier. She announced "Here is my $100 bike", loudly. Mike and I tried to control our laughter, and just patted her on her back. She then hopped in the truck and immediately called her dad to tell him about her accomplishment. Mike then talked to her about taking care of her new possession which she vigorously shook her head yes to each rule.

After we got home, Emily went to bed, and I fed Jude. After I changed him I went to lay him on the bed to change him and Jude wiggled his legs fast, and GIGGLED out loud!! I was stunned, and called Mike but Jude refused to perform on demand. I then changed him into some new pajamas, and held him for a bit. Then I asked Mike to take him, but we sparred off on staying home, working ,etc. I think deviating from our normal routine can create stress around us sometimes. We are deviating again tonight because we are going to dinner with my family for a late bday celebration. I am hoping we can keep up with the week. We will get a relaxful weekend though, and Emily is going with her dad for a portion of her spring break. I will miss her very much, but I guess it's important Mike and I have some time together too. So after our mini UFC fight in the living room we ventured upstairs to watch Heroes. Nearing the end of our show Jude started twitching like he was going to seize, but I held him close and he stopped. I was rather happy thinking that maybe I was able to ward away the evil seizure, but I am afraid it attacked him anyway. Jude had a loud violent seizure which took away his energy. He went fast asleep afterwards. You can see how tired he looks here right after it ended.
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So I am still thrilled that we were able to meet Jocalyn. Kendall, and their family. Sometimes being a mother of a disabled child makes you feel like you are on an island all by yourself. It's hard to explain the emotions, and fears you have to to hear someone that understands is comforting. You wish they didn't have to suffer through what you do, but you are grateful for their company. I noticed many similarities between Kendall, and Jude from the way they position their heads, to other characteristics. I hope we can all remain friends throughout our long journey ahead. It would be nice to be able to support each other.

So I am off for yet another busy day at work, but I did have to share my creativity and see what you think. For some extra $$ I have been making invites, announcements, and such on the side. My friend Sarah makes awesome magnets and she inspired me. I made these for some friends. I just love doing things like this, and trying to be artistic (ha). What do you think??
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My sisters Save the date:
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Mara said...

A smile smile or giggle can do wonders to a tired mommy. the invites are way cute and I still dont know how you find the time ! I am telling you we really need to bottle it- we would make a fortue hee hee

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

I am so excited to hear you say he giggled! What an accomplishment! I am so proud of Emily and her first big purchase! I love how she is staying safe...even with a green dragon helmet lol. The cards are cute! You are talented! =)

Holly Mackerel said...

I am so happy to hear this, Jenn! Way to go, Jude!

Rich said...

Good job little dude...
And very nice work on the invitations, LOVE the B&W baby feet shot, a classic. As a photographer, I must say, your doing some very nice work... Keep it up.