Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Frustration eased

I had to add a another note tonight. My darling hubby did end up going with me to do one of my errands tonight that required lifting. On the way there he complained several times about being sick. I just responded "I am sorry babe, I understand because I felt horrible last week.". He sat there and jokingly said "Yeah but you don't matter only I do because I feel like crap... (giggle....pause) I probably asked you what was for dinner huh?". Emily piped up "You sure did buddy!". ha ha ha! Little Em to the rescue again. I told him I understand about feeling like crud, and that's why I ran during work over to the doctor on lunch to get some meds. He just kind of looked at me and seemed to understand.I could tell he didn't feel well though, and the poor thing looked so pale. Emily assures me she will be nurse Em while I am at work tomorrow.

Jude was fairly grumpy tonight, and seemed very uneasy. When falling asleep his entire body would jerk, and his eyes would pop wide open...but he would not seize. Since he was so restless he would never truly fall asleep. Thus creating more issues from being over tired, and he finally started seizing about an hour ago. I believe it's one of those nights that he needs to catch up on sleep so I gave him a tiny 1 ml of klonopin. He had four seizures this afternoon total, and his little body is tired...so tired. The klonnopin will insured that he will have a good nights sleep....even through his poor dads coughing. Jude is currently in his swing and is sleeping well. I hope this will give him a shot for a good day tomorrow. Sometimes he has so many seizures that I believe they take over, and never give his body a chance to physically catch up . We all know that rest is essential to stay healthy and learn. Jude needs this occasionally, and tonight I am taking over and making sure that happens!

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Mara said...

I dont know about Jude but Kayden sleeps so well in her swing- maybe that will help him sleep better. Glad Em is back.