Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bark Bark Bark

So I posted last night that we really wanted Jude to get some sleep through the night. Let me clarify that Jude is a GREAT baby and sleeps very well, it's just the seizures that wake him up. Jude normally has a seizure at around 2:30am, and another one at 4:30am. He will then wake up once or twice twitching. So last night we gave him the klonopin so he could catch up because his seizures were getting out of control. I woke up at 2:30 because I am sure my body is used to waking up then, but Jude was fast asleep. The medicine wore off, and he did wake up about 4:32 with a seizure. Mike got up with him so I could try to sleep. Right after that the dog next door started barking, and barking and barking! She is a big blonde dog that we were originally happy moved in because when she barks our three little terrorists (Jack Russel's) hush. Our dogs do not bark a whole lot, and normally are only responding to other dogs when they do. Although, when they bark it starts as a regular dog bark and then works up to high pitched yelp that sounds like something stuck in your vacuum. Anyway, I am now not very excited the dog has moved in next door because she kept me up the rest of the morning. Finally about 6am Mike walked outside and yelled "SHUT THE ____ UP!!!!!!!!". She complied for awhile. Her owners were not at home, and I think they may have let her out and forgotten about her...poor puppy. We would have given her a dog treat to chew on, but we were out. So we both just laid in our bed moaning about her.

Anyway, so I am now at work and determined to get through all my renewal calls today. Before I leave you though I would like to share a piece of artwork Emily did. She calls it "Jude's eyes". He does have one eye that is a little larger so I was impressed with her picture. She said that all the items behind his eyes are inspirational. Gotta love Em!
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Holly Mackerel said...

Hey, make me a copy of that picture. I'd like to frame it.

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

That is so cute! Em is such a talented artist!