Friday, March 20, 2009

A seizure and a frown

So we were 23 hours and 30 minutes seizure free which is amazing to us. Mike was able to take Jude out today, and I think he felt a bit normal. Mike had just texted me "It's almost been 24 hours since Jude had a seizure", and I had just sent an email to Darla in the same regards when I got another text from Mike saying "seizure". Mike said the seizure was loud, hard, and lengthy like it had been repressed. I think everyone was just so ..........sad.
I was down, but I guess I have to look at the situation like it's still an improvement. It's just so discouraging to make it so far. Every time we get our hopes up it's like making it to the end of the race only to never cross the finish line...argh!!! We will someday though.
I have also realized this past week that I have been VERY burnt out at work. I guess after being with this company for 14 years that's bound to happen. Somehow I snapped out of everything this week, and truly appreciate that I have a good job. I have also noticed my work was slacking a little so I am picking up the pace! I don't want anything I do to be reflective of the office or the other people that work here. I have always tried to do a good job, and I will continue to do that with extra effort!!!
We are going to trade days tomorrow at Texas motor speedway. My friend Michelle is coming, and we are taking the family. I am very excited. I could use some sunshine, and happy times.
Have a good weekend all.


Evie's Story said...

poor little guy! May you find strength and courage even in these hard days!

Jennifer said...

Your work is not slacking, you have been kicking butt and taking names, even with my million interruptions a day to ask you questions. :)

Ellen said...

Hi. I hope you guys have a good weekend, and I hope Jude's seizure-free streaks get longer and longer.