Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prayers for Maggie

So my aunt came in from Missouri tonight, and my cousin made yummy grilled pizza's at her house. It was a nice visit at her place, but I am afraid Jude did seize. It was rather loud so I got up to take him into another room until he stopped. Everyone at the table told me to sit back down, which made me feel like Jude is very accepted. I know that it's difficult for us to watch his episodes so I am sure it is even more difficult for others to watch. We sat and had some drinks, had good food, and talked about all sorts of subjects. I love my family, and I feel very lucky to have them in my life.

So tonight when I got home I had tivo'd Extreme Home Makeover. I would like to tell you a little history here. I joined a website called just mommies when I found out I was pregnant. Through the Internet I met wonderful women who shared their joys, questions, fears, and more. We began to know each other on a first name basis, began to learn each others due dates, and oogled over everyone's sonograms. Just mommies incorporates many mothers from others countries so I learned about many women in many settings. We had what's called a "due date club", marked with the year and month you were to deliver. I noticed with some investigation that it seemed that a couple of the moms would drop out of each monthly due date club (we visited other groups) due to miscarriage, one or two might deliver early, and one or two had babies with issues. Even though you don't want to see any child with issues, no one ever thinks it will be their child that's affected. There were a couple from my group, but the other baby that stands out with Jude is Maggie. Not long after Maggie was born she was rushed to the hospital with severe blood issues, and it turned out she had "Diamond Blackfan Anemia". This issue is SO rare that only 750 people in the WORLD have it! Well tonight's Extreme home makeover was based on one of those people, a young girl. So I figured Maggies mom was glued to her TV tonight, and I went to her website to email her letting her know I watched. Well Maggie's mom was supposed to be watching, but Maggie is in the hospital again (she was taken in today), so if you have some time a few prayers for her would be great. Here is her caring bridge site: Please remember that giving blood can help babies like Maggie!! Who knows....maybe giving blood can help stroke victims like Jude at some point too. Thank you for your prayers for her, and for giving your time. My challenge is to get at least 5 people to donate their blood this week to help babies in need! I really want to donate, but because of my platelet disorder, they turn me away. So please if you can donate please do!

So.............. I owe I owe so it's off to work I go tomorrow. Have a good week.


~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

hey Jen, I went and visited Maggie's site and signed her book. After watching EMO and reading her story it really makes me want to donate tomorrow! I wonder if we could do that here and get it sent to her?

Cjengo said...

I am not sure, but any donation will help save a life :). Thanks so so much!

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...
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