Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday revival

So I have big news, and we only can pray this continues. Jude made it through the night without one seizure. He had a seizure yesterday at 1:30pm, and didn't have another one until 7:40am this morning. We are hoping the Depakote made the difference, and that when we increase the dosage on Friday the seizures will only continue to diminish.

So I do have a quick funny story. Early in the week I told you that my family was in town from Springfield. Well they are leaving today so they dropped by the house last night to say their goodbyes to us and the kids. While they were there Emily asked if she could have some cookies, and I told her yes. She likes to heat her chocolate chip cookies up, and the yummy smell filled the house. As my family was leaving, Emily had just sat down with her scrumptious find. So I had taken Jude into the kitchen close to her and he had turned his head towards my two aunts. I was bragging about how much head control he has lately, and suddenly they started laughing. I looked over, and Jude is taking bites out of the air in the same direction Emily's cookie is. Huge, wide open, bites, with his tongue waving in the air. We all got a big kick out of this. So I went and got a jar of peas, which I am sure was a let down, but all the same he did eat the entire jar.

I was inspired by Ellens blog, and I have been working on Jude's story condensed into one entry vs this entire blog. It's rather lengthy so it will be posted later. It will show up underneath this post as I started it yesterday. Also, I am learning how to twitter as I work on renewals today. My user is CJENGO36 if anyone is on. I am currently being entertained while I am on hold by watching Demi Moore and Ashton K talk to each other.


andrea said...

Jude has a sweet tooth! Is that considered a milestone? In my italian book, it is, along with cheese, salami, and bread! lol.

Mara said...

We douldnt even get Kayden to eat a spoonful or two of peaches ! Way to go JUDE !!!! Can you rub off on your friend Kayden so she can gain some weight ! She thinks it is funnier to spit the food out ! ARGH !

~The~Wacky~Whittons~ said...

YAY! I am excited for Jude and wanting to eat. Declan has started to really want food recently and he is 10 months old! I am praying this will put some weight on him lol