Saturday, March 28, 2009


So Jude has gone all night, and most of the day without a seizure. I am so excited, and I hope this means the new medication is reaching the level it needs to be.

So I had a friends bridal shower today, and it was nice to get out. I decided I was going to take Jude with me, and that if he seized.......then he just did. We were going to be normal though, and I wanted to show him off. Luckily, he didn't seize and we had a great time. He was kissed on a lot and came home with glittery lipstick on his cheeks. I did hear several times, "You just have a the best baby", and "Oh is he tired". What do you say? I just smiled, and thought to myself that this is just Jude. Then a friend started talking about Jude's brain issues, and it seemed the other mothers caught on to why Jude is so good. Although, I would like to say that Jude has cried SEVERAL times today, and LAUGHED TOO!!! Mike, and I joke that when most parents are concerned their child is crying ....... we are excited.........and wait to hear him cry again. I think my little mans teeth may be starting to bother him so I gave him a bit of Tylenol.

Em is with her dad this weekend, and we are once again captives to the softball community. She had make up practice Friday in the dreadful wind, and then was suppose to have a game today. Her game today ended up being delayed until tomorrow. In other words our weekend winds up focusing on WHEN our child's game is going to be if it happens at all. Emily ADORES softball though, and if very good at it. She started out young in dance, cheer, and more girl oriented sports. I was surprised when she wanted to try out for softball, and was very good. I was a sports hound as a child. In fact, a friend of mind was talking about our kindergarten class together the other day, and how she always wore frilly dresses. I told her, "Shoot, my mom was just excited I was out of the mud long enough to go to school".

Jude's grandparents are going to watch him tonight so Mike and I can have some time out. We are going to go bowling......wish us luck!

Ps. If the terrorists howl one more time we may be having a doggy bag for dinner ;)

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andrea said...

i am so happy for jude. i hope these seizure free days are many. have fun tonight bowling.