Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A seizure and more

We were so busy at work today that I took a step back, and just admitted I have to much going on. I can barely breathe sometimes. So I took the end of June off on the weekends. From now on all my Scentsy parties will be at the beginning of the month, and the end will be reserved for myself, and my family. I will follow through with those I scheduled, but the rest will be in the first 2 weeks of the month. I am so grateful to those that have supported my Scentsy business. It's helped us so much!

When I got home today I was informed Jude has been very grumpy all day. He didn't want to be sat down, and he didn't want to be held either. Jude was at a loss, which normally means he isn't feeling 100%. I had to fix dinner when I got home so Emily held on to Jude for a few minutes. Jude got really upset so I took him, but my touch didn't make him any better. I then went, and laid him down in his crib. I heard a few laughs, and then I heard screams. I ran into the room to find Jude red faced, wide eyed, crying, and in a full on grand Mal seizure. I ripped him out of his bed, and held him close, trying to bring him out of his episode with sweet words. Emily was also next to his side telling him how we will always love him. He quickly recovered from his seizure, but was more uncomfortable due to the pain in his body. I tried to administer some Motrin, but Jude threw up all over me. After I cleaned his little face I looked down, and his eyes were shut.....he was napping. He didn't sleep for long, but it was long enough for him to find a better mood. Soon I will administer his nightly medications with his new added Melatonin, and hope that it helps Jude find a restful night of sleep.

I talked to the neuro's nurse today, about Jude's sleeping issues. The nurse is going to talk to the doctor about the best bed to meet Jude's needs. I also received a call again from the personal care services provided by MDCP. This was a manager, and she did a phone evaluation, and by the end of our conversation she was very nice. She said, "Um I just don't think you need personal care services, I think you need a private duty nurse, and I plan on putting my input in with whoever I can". I just sighed, and told her good luck. She said they just didn't feel comfortable coming in without help from a trained professional. I still think we are so much better off than many others, but goodness it would be nice to get Mike some help.

On a side note, Emily was up for the Build A Bear hero award, she made the top 200, but she did not make the top 25. We are thrilled for those children that were chosen, and kuddo's to the company for providing an amazing program for kids who give back to their community. It is so nice to learn that there are many company's left that still care about families, and children.

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mom2nji said...

I LOVE melatonin. We use it for my son with autism and it has been a life saver! Poor Jude I hope he isnt coming down with something. Glad to see you taking some time off on the weekends!