Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is it Wed?

Mike just called and informed me that Jude has only eaten 8 ounces the entire day, that's not good. Not sure why he is refusing to eat, but we all know that is what normally lands Jude in the hospital. Since it's only been one day I am not going to worry that much about it...yet.

I was able to break for lunch from work, and run over to watch Jude's therapy today. He seemed a bit "spaced" out, but overall he did alright. He was opening and closing his mouth for his speech therapist, and even ate a few bites of food. Our current therapy regiment is to get Jude to open, push down on his tongue with his spoon, and then pull the spoon out. Jude should then start chewing on the food. Jude was a bit resistive to the physical therapy today, and didn't care for his PT stretching his muscles. The PT plans on coordinating with our neuro, and Allumed to get Jude the proper sleeping system. She said she doesn't believe Jude needs a orthopedist just yet. She said Jude's legs land in a frog position (during the day), and are loose. If they were loose folded in then she would be more worried about constant hip dislocation. Regardless they want to make sure this does not become a future issue that Jude is consistantly dealing with. I agree that it is better to be pro active.

So Jude's eye that was most affected by the stroke is becoming more lazy. When Jude looks at you his left eye will focus, but the right one doesn't. I am not sure that will ever improve, but I know we will need to visit the

That's all for today.

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amber_mechael said...

One of the most common side effects of jude's seizure medicine is loss of appetite. That may be a possibility. My son is about to be started on the same med. Cash's story is very similar.