Friday, June 11, 2010

Jude's legs

Last night I gave Jude Motrin in addition to his other medication before he went to bed. It seems that added medication helped him sleep, all night long! He only fidgeted once, and when I straightened out his legs, he went back into a deep sleep.

At night Jude pulls his leg up into a W, and this can become painful. We consulted our PT who informed us that this is very common with CP children. She said that since there is no pressure on their feet from walking they have a tendency to pull up their legs. When they do that they keep the bone from forming properly around the ball of the other bone. This can eventually cause hip dislocation. Our PT is getting Jude fitted with orthotics, but I think we might need to take him to see a doctor.

The neurologist called back about Jude's seizures. He said he is surprised to hear that the spasms decreased, but the large violent seizures increased. He explained that he normally sees the opposite when administering Felbatol. Therefore, he is increasing the Felbatol prior to Jude's appointment Tuesday at 10am. He will have his blood drawn that Monday to test for medication levels, and the doctor will check those levels at Jude's appointment.

We will see what the weekend brings with the increased dosage.


Katy said...

Charlie has some soft night braces and keep him from flexing too much at the knee. Less of a problem now that he's older, but I bet it would help Jude. Our rehab doctor prescribed them.

Candace said...

Well, glad you are getting some attempts at some answers, eh? Faith used to sleep on her knees, w-sitting in her sleep but no more since her surgery! LOL! I know you don't want to keep Jude on freakin' motrin every night. Another stupid thought, Jenn, you can buy a homeopathic supplement for leg pain at the pharmacy, I forget who makes it but we used it for my little sis when she had leg craps at night. Maybe you could ask the Ped. about trying it?

Cjengo said...

I didn't even know they made those type of supplements, thanks for letting me know.

Preemie Miracle said...

Our baby was premature and had a grade 3 and 4 brain bleed. ( which is basically a stroke with damage) He has Cerebral palsy as well. He is almost 5. Though we do walk his feet are growing deformed. He feet are TINY and his legs are tiny. We see a orthotist, PT and a physiatrist. They are wonderful and they have so many things that they can do to help kids with CP. The seizures are hard ( we have hydrocephlaus and not seizures) But the rehab doc might have some good advice. Also there is muscle relaxors for kids and we finally started using those. Our kiddo is a HORRIBLE sleeper so I feel for you